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Trump will sign a decree of the American AI Initiative that will prioritize federal funding for AI, create resources for AI researchers, set standards, and so on.

Artificial intelligence may have been invented in the United States, but other countries, including China, Canada, and France, have taken greater steps to safeguard and leverage technology in recent years. President Donald Trump will seek to change this today by… Continue Reading →

Reddit: Fears of censorship are criticizing Tencent funding reports

Copyright of the image Getty Images An investment announced by the Chinese tech giant Tencent in Reddit has provoked a brutal reaction on the news site of the popular community following fears of censorship. Last week's reports announced that Tencent… Continue Reading →

Credit companies raised $ 55 billion in 2018, as was the case in 1999, but most of the increased funding went to growth cycles, which are actually private IPOs.

I've heard a lot of people ask themselves if there was too much money in venture capital looking for too little good business. "We are in a new technological bubble!", Said some. "Evaluations are out of control" is the motto… Continue Reading →

Blue Hexagon, a real-time deep learning platform for protection against network threats, comes out of stealth with $ 31 million in funding from Benchmark and Altimeter

Nayeem Islam spent nearly 11 years at the chip maker Qualcomm, where he founded his Silicon Valley-based research and development center, recruited his entire team and oversaw research on all aspects of security, including automatic learning of mobile devices and… Continue Reading →

Kleiner Perkins says he raised a $ 600 million fund, the first since Mary Meeker's departure, focusing on core funding, Series A and Series B

"Previously, KP was a small team in charge of building a business. We are moving away from being this multi-product institution and we are focusing solely on venture capital for early development, "says Ilya Fushman, a Kleiner Perkins partner. Forty-seven… Continue Reading →

Research: In 2018, start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area raised $ 22.4 billion in 87 funding cycles exceeding $ 100 million; startups in the rest of the United States collected $ 24.9 billion from 103 laps over $ 100 million

Region 1 of San Francisco Bay can be better understood as a giant reality distortion field. People live above seismic faults. Many are billionaires; the rest barely pay rent. It is still 60 degrees in a microclimate. And every week,… Continue Reading →

How Northern California's Reality Distortion field is reflected in startup funding

The San Francisco Bay Area 1 can best be understood as a gigantic field for reality transformation. People live on top of earthquake errors. Many are billionaires; the rest hardly pay rent. It is always 60 degrees in a microclimate…. Continue Reading →

Jyve, which aims to connect workers and retail companies to fill positions in the market economy, comes out of stealth and claims to have raised $ 35 million in funding

The so-called entertainment economy shows no sign of slowing down – in fact, the opposite is probably true. According to a recent Gallup poll, about 57 million people in the United States, or 29% of the country's workers, have an… Continue Reading →

Facebook's journalistic funding does not guarantee the success of high-quality news stories on its platform, which would avoid the need for such monetary injections.

Facebook pop-up installation at Bryant Park in Manhattan. Photo: Sam Thielman During the past yearanyone who is related to journalism, its current problems or concerns about its future has probably found itself in a room with a Facebook leader. If… Continue Reading →

Meta, maker of the Meta 2 AR helmet, testified in court that its assets had been sold by a lender and that it was insolvent; Meta raised $ 73 million in CR funding

The last time we heard Meta, the manufacturers of the Meta 2 augmented reality headset, the situation was rather bleak. Now that several new facts have been uncovered, we have a confirmation regarding the fate of this besieged company: Meta… Continue Reading →

A look at recent WeWork funding

Yesterday, WeWork announced the closing of a $ 6 billion investment from Softbank and the change of brand to become "The We Company". According to the company's blog, the brand change aims to [its] together, our businesses are committed to… Continue Reading →

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