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Amazon's Recently Announced Amazon DocumentDB AWS Announcement Highlights Economic Challenges Faced By Companies Like MongoDB Inc. That Focus On An Open Source Project

In 1999, revenues of the music industry in the United States peaked at $ 14.6 billion (all figures come from the RIAA). However, it is important to be specific about what was sold: $ 12.8 billion came from the sale… Continue Reading →

After reviewing Apple's guidelines, it's time to focus on the company

To say that Apple's statement to investors when revising its quarterly forecasts caught the attention of the technology sector would be a euphemism. This statement, which focused primarily on iPhone sales in China as the main cause of multi-billion dollar… Continue Reading →

Should ECI Technology Holdings Limited (HKG: 8013) focus on improving this fundamental metric?

Many investors are still becoming familiar with the various measures that may be useful when analyzing a security. This article is for people who want to know more about Return on Equity (ROE). We will use ROE to examine ECI… Continue Reading →

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