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Twitter opens applications for its new beta program, which will feature a stand-alone application. His first tests will focus on the resolution of conversations.

Twitter is opening applications today for its new testing program, first announced at CES in January. The program can potentially cover every aspect of the Twitter experience, but the first set of tests will focus on how interactions between people,… Continue Reading →

Next year, Microsoft will test some Windows 10 testers with a 2020 feature upgrade

Microsoft took Friday the unprecedented step of ignoring one of its feature upgrades of Windows 10 when it began distributing a preview of the first 2020 update to the volunteers. more daring test. Usually, when a feature upgrade is about… Continue Reading →

Google is working on the new security feature of Chrome to "clear DOM XSS"

Google has created a new browser API that will help Chrome combat some types of cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities by adding an extra layer of browser-level protection to protect users against hacking attempts. This new feature, called Trusted Types, is… Continue Reading →

Google allows some users to test the AR navigation feature for Google Maps

At last year's I / O developer conference, Google demonstrated a new augmented reality feature for Google Maps that lets people follow the directions from your phone's camera in real-time. As my colleague Chaim Gartenberg pointed out, it looks a… Continue Reading →

Why Apple Disables Safari's Do Not Track Feature

Apple takes privacy very seriously. It takes its leadership seriously in this area and get rid of the voluntary setting "Do not follow" of its browser Safari is the right decision. Why disabling Safari's Do not Track feature is the… Continue Reading →

Nest Secure wins Google Assistant feature

Nest adds Google's features to Nest Guard, the base station of its Nest Secure home security system. The firmware update is in progress. It will allow homeowners to ask questions and get answers via the device, in the same way… Continue Reading →

Apple has disabled the server-side Group FaceTime feature and reports suggest that it has fixed the security hole for most people

Apple has temporarily disabled its Group FaceTime feature on iOS and macOS to fix a major security issue. A bug in Apple's FaceTime video call feature allowed anyone to call one phone or Mac and listen before the other answered…. Continue Reading →

Bluetooth 5.1, available today for developers, includes a feature that allows devices to determine the direction of a Bluetooth signal

Bluetooth is already a key element of billions of connected devices, allowing wireless data to be transferred over short distances. This is what has allowed smartphone manufacturers to give up their headsets, while multi-million dollar companies have sprung up with… Continue Reading →

WhatsApp for Android gets a new feature, a reorganized menu for shared photos

WhatsApp has again been spotted testing new features in its beta versions for Android. This time, we see changes made to the "Multimedia" section shared in group or individual discussions, with new options for displaying media in the discussion, a… Continue Reading →

Spotify is testing a feature on iOS that will allow users to block any artist

Yes, it's finally happening. Spotify seems to be testing a new feature for its application that will allow users to block any artist on the platform. The blocking button is a very demanding Spotify users feature, which would allow you… Continue Reading →

Facebook launches a petitions feature

Tomorrow, Facebook will launch a petitions feature titled Community Actions, reports TechCrunch, This will allow users to inform their local officials of the actions they would like to see happen. TechCrunch indicates that the feature will begin to air tomorrow… Continue Reading →

The Fortnite Gliding Redeployment feature is again a consumable item

September 4, 2018 – The new "High Stakes" flying mode starts this week! You must recognize that Fortnite developers continue to add new creative modes to the game. In the v5.40 update that should begin tomorrow, players will be able… Continue Reading →

YouTube is starting to roll out a new feature on iOS that will allow viewers to scroll left or left to navigate between videos for Android devices later this year.

Tapping is so much last year. That's why YouTube started offering a new way to navigate mobile video: just a swipe. The new feature, known to employees under its internal name "swipey watch," has been under development for two years,… Continue Reading →

Facebook states that it will test a feature stories for sharing events on iOS and Android for users in the US, Brazil and Mexico.

Facebook continues to experience the most controversial period in its history in the face of numerous scandals related to data privacy, misinformation and misinformation, as well as broader issues related to the corrosive role of the social network in democratic… Continue Reading →

Microsoft brings another key feature of Windows 10 to macOS

Microsoft is committed to providing customers with full access to the company's applications and services, regardless of the platform of their choice. If this concerns Apple's MacOS operating system, there is absolutely no problem. As a result, Microsoft occasionally releases… Continue Reading →

The most exciting new feature of the Galaxy S10 may well be battery technology.

The Galaxy S10 should offer a set of new features, including some features that no other flagship smartphone will have to offer, not even the iPhone. According to a new rumor, the next Samsung phone could offer an even more… Continue Reading →

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