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Big Cable's "10G" campaign betrays fear of wireless 5G networks

5G networks are about to become a big project, with promises of big speed increases that could even one day compete with traditional broadband (just ask D-Link, which announced a 5G home router to CES 2019). And apparently, the idea… Continue Reading →

Young women in rural India use Facebook under false identities because they fear the damaging consequences of patriarchal social structures.

Aleesha Nandhra for BuzzFeed News Seema Sinha never imagined that a Facebook account could ruin the chances of an arranged marriage. "Do you have a Facebook account?" Asked his future mother-in-law at the wedding ceremony. Sinha – who asked not… Continue Reading →

Report: A new study feeds the fear of 'Bugpocalypse & # 39;

The insects are disappearing from the Puerto Rico National Forest, according to a new report released Monday – the latest indication of an alarming "bugpocalypse" around the world, the Washington Post reported. In the new study published by the Proceedings… Continue Reading →

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