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NBN Co faces calls to approve good quality modems

NBN Co faces calls to approve modems that work best on its network after internal tests have revealed the presence of some devices provided by the retail service provider that did not meet specifications. The calls were led by Labor… Continue Reading →

The 11 biggest problems that IT faces today

Each year, we discuss with the technical leaders the biggest problems they will face in the near future, and we begin to see subtle and not so subtle changes to the 2018 concerns. Data overload, a major concern 12 months… Continue Reading →

Google launches ARCore 1.7 with a new Augmented Faces API for the front camera, which allows to superimpose effects on a user's face even without a depth sensor.

ARCore is Google's platform for mobile augmented reality that does not require specialized hardware. In December, it was available on 250 million devices and used features such as Playmoji on Pixel 3. The latest version for developers today presents a… Continue Reading →

Apple's flagship site in Melbourne faces a $ 40 million buyout offer

Our town, our spokesperson Brett de Hoedt and protesters on Sunday (7News Melbourne / Facebook) Opponents of the plan to build an Apple store on Federation Square in Melbourne want to raise $ 40 million to outbid the technology company… Continue Reading →

IBM publishes its Diversity in Faces (DiF) image set, made up of faces of a million images extracted from a set of 100 million image data. images, to reduce the bias associated with AI

It is almost inevitable to code biases in machine learning models, and in general in the concepts we call AI, but we can certainly do better than we have done in previous years. IBM hopes that a new database of… Continue Reading →

Facial recognition struggles to interpret the emotions of black faces

Facial recognition technology has progressed to the point of interpreting emotions in facial expressions. This type of analysis is increasingly used in everyday life. For example, companies can use facial recognition software to facilitate hiring decisions. Other programs analyze the… Continue Reading →

Talking about horses and perfect faces: the rise of virtual celebrities

Copyright of the image Dengeki online Legend Virtual YouTubers are animated characters, often anonymously controlled by human users. Another type of celebrity on the Internet is emerging; Virtual characters who talk on YouTube or pose on Instagram like to live,… Continue Reading →

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