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Report: 2.7 million calls from patients to the Swedish health hotline were discovered exposed on an unprotected server, as well as other sensitive personal information

Audio recordings of 2.7 million calls made to 1177 Vårdguiden – the Swedish health care hotline – have been made available to everyone online, according to Sweden's technical publication Computer Sweden. The 170,000 hours of extremely sensitive calls were stored… Continue Reading →

Bizarre, new discovered tarantula with a strange horn on the back

Ceratogyrus attonitifer, a newly described species of tarantula, shows the soft, elongated, horn-like protuberance protruding from its back (paratype). (Credit: Ian Enelbrecht) Maybe this tarantula must also go to "Dr. Pimple Popper". A new species of tarantula has been discovered…. Continue Reading →

Skeleton of a teenage girl discovered in a mysterious tomb near an Egyptian pyramid

The skeleton of a 13 year old girl was discovered in a mysterious tomb near an ancient Egyptian pyramid. Burial was discovered during the excavation of the Meidum pyramid south of Cairo, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. The… Continue Reading →

5 new marine creatures discovered in Costa Rica "amaze" scientists

A new species of Xenoturbella has been discovered in Costa Rica during a recent expedition. (Schmidt Ocean Institute / ROV SuBastian) Scientists on a mission to explore Costa Rica's waters have made incredible scientific discoveries: they have identified four new… Continue Reading →

Disturbing hole almost the size of Manhattan discovered under the Antarctic glacier

Discovery of a sinister Antarctic hole the size of Manhattan A huge hole two-thirds the size of Manhattan is growing in the bottom of an Antarctic glacier and NASA scientists have worried about the risk of rapid melting and decomposition…. Continue Reading →

Atrient, a vendor of casino rewards for casinos, reportedly ignored serious security concerns, and a researcher who discovered flaws was attacked by his chief of operations.

Following a serious disclosure of vulnerability affecting casinos around the world, a leader of casino technology provider Atrient assaulted the security researcher who exposed the vulnerability at the ICE conference in London. This is the story of a vulnerability disclosure… Continue Reading →

The world's most "poisonous" fish discovered at a bathing place prayed to swimmers

The stone-fish's body is designed to hide from natural predators. He is able to hide himself so well that the swimmers may not notice them and walk on them, forcing them to sting the unfortunate swimmer with a deadly venom…. Continue Reading →

Google banned 29 apps downloaded more than 4.3 million times from the Play Store after researchers discovered that they were used to commit malicious acts, such as spreading fraudulent ads.

Enlarge / Screenshots pop-up ads displayed by malicious apps available in the Google Play Store. Trend Micro Google has banned dozens of Android apps downloaded millions of times from the official Play Store, after the researchers discovered that they were… Continue Reading →

How a teen & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; player Apple & # 39; s FaceTime bug discovered – and why it was so hard to report it

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER January 29, 2019, 7:15 PM GMT By Jason Abbruzzese and David Ingram Grant Thompson, a 14-year-old high school… Continue Reading →

Discovery of the moon: an ancient relic of 4 billion years discovered on the lunar surface

A part of the Earth that could be 4.1 billion years old and is described as the "oldest rock" on the planet may have been discovered and dug up on the moon by Apollo astronauts, according to a new study…. Continue Reading →

Lost remains of a credited explorer to name Australia discovered near London Station

Remains of a notable explorer, nicknamed Australia, found at London Station The remains of Captain Matthew Flinders, the explorer who gave his name to Australia, were found in London. Experts discovered the tomb of the famous Royal Navy captain during… Continue Reading →

Black holes of 13 billion years discovered

Doyle Rice UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 4:46 pm EST on January 23, 2019 It took 13 billion years, but the light of the first black holes in the universe finally reaches our telescopes. And now… Continue Reading →

German submarine of the First World War discovered in northern France

More than a century after sinking into the sands of a beach in northern France, a German submarine from the First World War was unearthed. The UC-16 was stranded on the shores of Wissant, France, in July 1917, because of… Continue Reading →

Jane Austen family photo album, long lost, discovered on eBay

Lost photos of Jane Austen's family found on eBay A photographic book from the Victorian era was purchased on eBay for $ 1,000. Photos of nieces and nephews of Jane Austen have never been found inside. The family would have… Continue Reading →

The Constantinople fork long awaited by Ethereum has been delayed after an audit firm discovered a critical flaw in one of the planned changes

The Constantinople upgrade long awaited by Ethereum has been delayed after the discovery of a critical vulnerability in one of the planned changes. The intelligent contract audit firm ChainSecurity said on Tuesday that Ethereum's Proposal Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1283, if… Continue Reading →

Mathematicians have discovered a computer problem that no one can ever solve

Kurt Godel, mathematician of Austrian origin at the Institute of Advanced Study. (Alfred Eisenstaedt / LIFE / Getty Images Collection) Mathematicians have discovered a problem that they can not solve. It's not that they're not smart enough; there is simply… Continue Reading →

NASA's "snowman of space" photographs discovered beyond Pluto

Doyle Rice UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 10:44 am EST January 4, 2019 When NASA's New Horizons Space Shuttle was expanded by far-away Ultima Thule early on New Year's Day, she took a few snapshots of… Continue Reading →

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