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Coinbase buys blockchain intelligence to improve security and discover new assets

Coinbase, the most valuable crypt company in the world, is preparing to add more cryptocurrencies to the exchange thanks to the latest acquisition. We already know that the company wants to offer an abundance of new crypto-assets, but today it… Continue Reading →

Scientists discover 8 new "amazing" sea creatures in Costa Rica

A new species of Xenoturbella has been discovered in Costa Rica during a recent expedition. (Schmidt Ocean Institute / ROV SuBastian) Scientists on a mission to explore Costa Rica's waters have made incredible scientific discoveries: they have identified four new… Continue Reading →

As a result of major technology scandals, discover how Stanford University is re-evaluating its role in training future Silicon Valley employees and executives.

At Stanford University's business school, above the stage where Elizabeth Holmes once regurgitated the myths of Silicon Valley, a whistle splashes with blood. More than 500 people came together to hear the true story of Theranos, the $ 9 billion… Continue Reading →

Researchers discover a flaw in e-ticketing at more than 8 airlines, including Southwest, which would allow hackers to access sensitive information by intercepting e-mails for travelers.

Written by Jeff Stone February 6, 2019 | CYBERSCOOP According to a study released Wednesday by mobile security company Wandera, at least eight airlines, including Southwest, use electronic ticketing systems that could allow hackers to access sensitive information about travelers… Continue Reading →

Scientists Exploring Antarctic Lake Under 3500 Feet of Ice Discover "Surprising" Signs of Ancient Life

Researchers exploring a buried Antarctic lake "twice as big as Manhattan" drilled a depth of 3,500 feet of ice to learn more about the mysterious water – and made an astonishing discovery along the way. After days spent in large… Continue Reading →

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