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Ray Ozzie is working on a new startup, Blues Wireless, which began testing with AT & T on a module that securely connects IoT devices to the cloud.

Ozzie's new business, Blues Wireless, is based on the premise that everyone, from appliance manufacturers to logistics companies, will want their products to have a secure wireless connection, without the inconvenience or the risks inherent to the operation. "Customers have… Continue Reading →

Opensignal Report: Average US 4G download speed is 18.1 Mb / s, ranking 47th out of 77 countries according to a large-scale study of more than 94 million devices in 2018

Today, a new Openignal report thoroughly examines the performance of the 4G network in 77 countries. Highlighting the weaknesses of 4G, the report explains how 5G should solve many problems such as network congestion and very variable network speeds. Among… Continue Reading →

According to Google, the microphone built into Nest Secure devices, which it had never before revealed in the technical specifications, was "never intended to be a secret".

In early February, Google announced that its home security and alarm system, Nest Secure, would be updated. Users, said the company, could now activate its virtual assistant technology, Google Assistant. The problem: Nest users did not know that there was… Continue Reading →

Sam Jadallah participates in Apple as a new leader on smart devices for home use

Sam Jadallah, the former CEO of a smart lock company that was closed a little over a year ago, has a new job: he will lead home initiatives at Apple, sources familiar with the business, CNBC said. Hiring Jadallah is… Continue Reading →

Facebook's engineers explain how they developed smart video framing for Portal devices by combining computer vision technologies with the expertise of Hollywood filmmakers.

The Facebook portal's home camera has its drawbacks – privacy, among others – but it has an undeniably interesting feature: its ability to intelligently frame shots and track action around the room during video calls. This is a dramatic improvement… Continue Reading →

Axonius, helping companies track and secure their connected devices, raises $ 13 million Series A, led by Bessemer Venture Partners

As hackers become smarter and as the scale of their damage increases, a growing number of cybersecurity firms are trying to persuade traditional businesses to rethink their security strategy. The Israeli startup Axonius today raised $ 13 million in series… Continue Reading →

Amazon announces acquisition of eero WiFi Mesh Corporation to help customers configure and connect their smart devices

Amazon announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire eero, a company offering products and services for high-performance, reliable and simple home WiFi. SEATTLE & SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Feb. 11, 2019– Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and… Continue Reading →

Android vulnerability, affecting versions 7.0 to 9.0 and fixed in the February update, allows attackers to compromise devices if the user clicks on an infected .PNG image.

Opening an adorable cat or an innocent landscape photo may seem harmless enough, but if it's a .PNG format, your Android device could be seriously compromised due to a new attack. In the Google Android security update for February, the… Continue Reading →

Google unveils Adiantum, a new form of data encryption on low-end smartphones and other devices with insufficient processing power

Google has officially unveiled today a new form of encryption, designed to secure data stored on low-end smartphones and other devices with insufficient processing power. Ensuring that information stored on mobile phones is locked is an important selling point for… Continue Reading →

Amazon Announces Baby Activity Activity API for Alexa Devices, Originally Available in the US, and Invests in Hatch Baby, Smart Baby Product Factory

Amazon is today one of the largest retailers of baby equipment and other parenting aids. Today, the company is doing two more steps in this business and in the way it could develop in the future. Amazon announced today its… Continue Reading →

According to YouTube, its Explore experimental tab, similar to Instagram, has expanded beyond the iOS app to encompass more devices. It now suggests smaller and more promising creators.

YouTube expands the test of its "Explore" feature, a new discovery tool introduced for the first time on a trial basis in its iPhone app last year. Similar to Instagram's Explore page, the new YouTube feature is designed to introduce… Continue Reading →

British police seized more than 60 devices suspected of being used in attacks by Webstresser, a now closed DDoS service, and plans to act against more than 400 Webstresser clients

Legend International action has targeted many sites suspected of making web attacks easy and inexpensive. British police seized more than 60 computers and other gadgets suspected of being used to carry out attacks on the Web. The raids were part… Continue Reading →

Instant Tethering, launched in 2017 to enable Chrome OS to easily share the pixel – based cellular connection, is coming to dozens of devices other than Google Chrome OS and Android.

In 2017, Google launched Instant Tethering to allow Chrome OS devices to automatically share the cellular connection of an Android phone. Initially limited to Google devices, it is now available on 15 additional Chromebooks and 31 Android phones. Instant Tethering… Continue Reading →

With 100 million devices sold, Alexa has reached a certain level of product market adjustment, but Amazon is still looking to occupy a strategic place in Alexa's business.

Amazon's Alexa has been a huge, impressive and unexpected achievement. Amazon has created a category from scratch and left both the leader of the AI, Google, and the device leader, Apple, in turn. 100 million units are now sold (including… Continue Reading →

Mosyle, a mobile device management platform for Apple devices used by 8500 schools in more than 70 countries, raises $ 16 million in Series A to grow in business markets

Mosyle's mission is to streamline the IT management of iPads, iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs and other Apple devices. And in the wake of a successful race in the education market, it's about raising money to start a business. The two-year-old… Continue Reading →

Bluetooth 5.1, available today for developers, includes a feature that allows devices to determine the direction of a Bluetooth signal

Bluetooth is already a key element of billions of connected devices, allowing wireless data to be transferred over short distances. This is what has allowed smartphone manufacturers to give up their headsets, while multi-million dollar companies have sprung up with… Continue Reading →

To truly understand the effects of screen time on our mental health, independent researchers need to get giants of technology data on how people are using their devices.

For anyone who reads this on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop (so you know basically all of them): We need to talk about how we talk about the use of the phone. ;screen. For too long, the conversation has… Continue Reading →

Japan will let government employees hack consumer IoT devices with unsecured passwords to identify vulnerabilities and prevent abuse during the 2020 Olympics

The Japanese government on Friday approved an amendment to the law that will allow state employees to hack into the devices of the Internet of Things, as part of an unprecedented investigation into unsecured IoT devices. The survey will be… Continue Reading →

Amazon joins the board of the Zigbee Alliance, which oversees the implementation of the Zigbee wireless protocol commonly used in smart home devices.

Amazon now has a say in developing a commonly used smart home standard, which gives it more power while still pushing smart speakers, cameras, doorbells and all other types gadgets in the homes of his clients. To date, Amazon sits… Continue Reading →

While smartphone manufacturers strive to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, in 2019, more and more devices with pop-up cameras, perforated screens and screens foldable

This week, Chinese smartphone maker Vivo released a video calling for one of the brand's most iconic innovations starting in 2018: a pop-up camera that extends from the top of the structure metal phone and eliminates the need for a… Continue Reading →

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