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Websites Can Steal Browser Data Through Extension APIs

Malicious websites may exploit browser extension APIs to execute code in the browser and steal sensitive information such as bookmarks, browsing history and even cookies from users. The latter, which an attacker can use to hack the active login sessions… Continue Reading →

Oracle Expands into Cloud with New Generation Data Center in Canada

Oracle is investing heavily in a list of real estate investments in 2019 to implement its aggressive cloud computing strategy. On January 17, the database and cloud services provider revealed exclusively to eWEEK the opening of a Toronto data center… Continue Reading →

Google fined £ 44m record by the French data protection watchdog

The French Data Protection Watchdog, CNIL, has imposed a record of € 50 million (£ 44 million) on Google for failing to provide transparent and understandable information to users on data usage policies. For the first time, the company received… Continue Reading →

€ 50 million fine imposed on Google by the CNIL, data control authority, under the GDPR, for lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding the personalization of ads

The CNIL, the French data protection supervisory body, has released its first $ 57 million GDPR fine (50 million euros). The regulator claims that Google failed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when new Android users set… Continue Reading →

Has the Apple Qualcomm IP Modem left data to Intel?

Apple against Qualcomm and the resulting outcome could have a profound impact on the future of the iPhone. On Friday, in an American courtroom in San Jose, Jeff Williams, an Apple executive, began telling a story about license fees, but… Continue Reading →

Oracle Expands into Cloud with New Generation Data Center in Canada

Oracle is investing heavily in a list of real estate investments in 2019 to implement its aggressive cloud computing strategy. On January 17, the database and cloud services provider revealed exclusively to eWEEK the opening of a Toronto data center… Continue Reading →

HyperScience, which uses AI to extract structured data from hand-written commercial forms and other business forms, raises $ 30 million in Series B, bringing its total collections to $ 50 million.

HyperScience, the machine learning company that turns human-readable data into machine-readable data, today announced the closing of a 30-million-series B round of financing led by Stripes Group, with the participation of existing investors, FirstMark Capital and Felicis Ventures, as well… Continue Reading →

Max Schrems files GDPR claims against Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and others for failing to provide the required information about the data collected by users.

European privacy activist Max Schrems has filed a new batch of strategic complaints with technology giants including Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. The complaints, filed via its non-profit organization for the protection of privacy and digital rights, noyb, relate… Continue Reading →

Data breaches are inevitable, here's how to protect yourself

It's tempting to completely abandon data security, with all the billions of personal data – social security numbers, credit cards, personal addresses, phone numbers, passwords and more – violated and stolen. last years. But this is not realistic – and… Continue Reading →

"Collection # 1" reveals 773 million email addresses, passwords in one of the largest data breaches ever recorded

Data breaches are becoming more commonplace, but the situation is a little disappointing today: 1,160,253,228 passwords and unique e-mail addresses have been attributed to an attack called "Collection # 1". Troy Hunt, owner of the HaveIBeenPwned website, has published a… Continue Reading →

Data leak # 1 in the collection: even more passwords are in danger

Reports released earlier this week revealed the so-called "Collection # 1," an 87-GB data stack of at least 773 million unique email accounts and over 21 million words of spam. pass different. In total, the database contained some 2.7 billion… Continue Reading →

Government review: Trump admin lack of integrated data system to track separated families, ad hoc records likely mean that thousands more children are separated than disclosed

They kept the children in cages. And Excel spreadsheets. And over 60 other government files and databases that made it nearly impossible to track thousands of children separated from their parents by the Trump administration while they were trying to… Continue Reading →

Alation, which indexes the databases of a company to create a data search catalog, raises $ 50 million in Series C, under the direction of Sapphire Ventures

Alation, a start-up that helps explore a company's databases to build a data search catalog, today announced a $ 50 million investment in Series C. The round was led by Sapphire Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. Existing investors Costanoa Ventures, Data… Continue Reading →

Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Backup, a Fully Managed Centralized Service for Customers to Back Up Their Data Through AWS and Onsite Services

The centralized backup service allows customers to automate backups of their data more easily and cheaply while meeting business and regulatory requirements. State Street Corporation, Smile Brands and Rackspace among businesses using AWS Backup SEATTLE – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Jan…. Continue Reading →

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for a new privacy law with the right to delete your data

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday called on the US Congress to pass a new comprehensive federal privacy law that would give every American access to personal data collected about them by technology companies and the public. possibility to delete… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook calls on Congress to enact privacy legislation and the FTC to create a "data exchange center," allowing users to track and control their data.

In 2019, it is time to defend the right to privacy – yours, mine, ours. Consumers should not have to tolerate for an additional year companies that irresponsibly accumulate huge user profiles, seemingly out of control data breaches and the… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook: It's time to end the dark world of data brokers

Cook's initiative to open a public debate on the dark world of data brokers and the increase of data protection policies for Americans will undoubtedly be applauded by civil liberties unions and privacy advocates . However, his initiative will not… Continue Reading →

Trump signs the OPEN Government Data Act, urging federal agencies to make public data by default, where possible, and publish it in machine-readable format

The federal government produces a huge amount of data, but despite discouraging considerations of usability, it is unlikely that this data will be available in a way that is useful to anyone. That could change for the better with the… Continue Reading →

Ajit Pai refuses to inform Congress of his plans for scandals related to wireless location data

So last week, another scandal about location data appeared in the wireless industry, once again highlighting how operators collect your location data and then sell it to a sometimes dark universe of partners. , with little or no control or… Continue Reading →

After AT & T and T-Mobile, Sprint stated that it would stop selling real-time location data from its customers to third parties, but it did not provide a schedule.

Last week, Motherboard revealed that AT & T, T-Mobile, and Sprint were selling their customers' location data in real time, which was ultimately passed on to bounty hunters and unauthorized individuals. manipulate. The motherboard discovered this by buying the ability… Continue Reading →

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