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Report: 17K Android apps, some with over 100 million installations, collect information that can be used to create a permanent record of user activity on the device for targeting some announcements

NurPhoto / Getty Images Some apps may track your activity over time, even when you tell them to forget about the past. And you can not do anything about it. About 17,000 Android apps collect credentials that create a permanent… Continue Reading →

Technical Tip: How to Create a 3D Model of Your Home Renovation Vision

Do you have a lot of home improvement dreams, but you do not know where to start? Let yourself be guided by a free or inexpensive three-dimensional floor plan program. While creating a 3D model can not be a substitute… Continue Reading →

Amazon now allows users to create and submit customized Alexa skills for certification and publishing in the US Store Skills

Amazon now allows anyone to create and publish Alexa skills in the Alexa Skill Store. Last year, Amazon facilitated the creation of customized skills with its Alexa Skill Blueprints program. She uses these personalized answers and allows them to be… Continue Reading →

Trump will sign a decree of the American AI Initiative that will prioritize federal funding for AI, create resources for AI researchers, set standards, and so on.

Artificial intelligence may have been invented in the United States, but other countries, including China, Canada, and France, have taken greater steps to safeguard and leverage technology in recent years. President Donald Trump will seek to change this today by… Continue Reading →

Preview of New World, a colonization MMORPG that is expected to be Amazon's first video game to debut, five years after Amazon said it wants to create video games

Amazon's intrusion into the gaming industry is proof that no one can make their way to a hit. Five years have passed since the online retailer, which is worth more than most (if not all) major video game publishers, has… Continue Reading →

Everdays, which allows users to create and share commemorative ads and create private social networks to commemorate their loved ones, raises $ 12 million in Series A

Xconomy Detroit / Ann Arbor – Mark Alhermizi first became successful with Gas Station TV, a Birmingham, Michigan-based company that aired from gas pumps and was sold to Dan Gilbert's Rockbridge Growth Equity in 2014 for a reported amount between… Continue Reading →

Microsoft launches Healthcare Bot Bot Service, allowing users to create chatbots and health assistants using artificial intelligence, adds integration of health records to Azure and teams

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft introduces some of the new health care tools and features it will present next week at the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference. The company generally offers its medical bot service; add more health-specific features… Continue Reading →

If Reddit wins an investment of $ 150 million Tencent, they would create strange bedfellows: Tencent helps build the big firewall; The product of Reddit, banned in China, is a speech

Photo: Jerod Harris (Getty) Who really thinks where the money comes from if you get it? Reddit is about to get a new investment cycle of up to $ 300 million, TechCrunch reports. The first $ 150 million is expected… Continue Reading →

IDG contributor network: create and organize optimal customer journeys

Marketers and product managers are starting to develop attractive and optimal routes for their customers. Their organizations use a variety of agile methodologies in hopes of speeding things up, but most of them struggle to make these trips on time… Continue Reading →

Profile of Lyft's CEO, Logan Green, including how he and his president, John Zimmer, collaborated to create the company

In 2011, Zimride raised $ 6 million. But as a Web service, he was caught off guard by the rise of smartphones and mobile applications. In 2012, Mr. Green decided to create Zimride, a peer-to-peer mobile phone service called Lyft…. Continue Reading →

How to create 3D photos on iPhone and post them on Facebook

A few months ago, Facebook launched a feature that turns your iPhone's Portrait Mode images into 3D Photos. It works better than expected (as long as you do not increase the effect too much when you interact with a photo)…. Continue Reading →

Microsoft could create a surface keyboard with a haptic feedback

Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to improve its Surface range and the next step for the company seems to be refining the Surface Keyboard design and features package. A patent recently discovered by WR reveals a method based on… Continue Reading →

TV series and original series of Apple: Simon Kinberg and David Weil will create a series of science fiction big budget

Apple would have spent up to a billion dollars in 2018 for the original television programming. It's a lot of television! It's not the $ 8 billion that Netflix will spend, but it's still a huge commitment. What can you… Continue Reading →

Wacom and Magic Leap create an optimistic view of the future of productivity

It is likely that you have already seen a certain iteration of the image above, in disproportionate technical concept videos preaching the possibilities of the future collaborative workspace. It's easy to erase these images, as these are just skipped photos… Continue Reading →

Alation, which indexes the databases of a company to create a data search catalog, raises $ 50 million in Series C, under the direction of Sapphire Ventures

Alation, a start-up that helps explore a company's databases to build a data search catalog, today announced a $ 50 million investment in Series C. The round was led by Sapphire Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. Existing investors Costanoa Ventures, Data… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook calls on Congress to enact privacy legislation and the FTC to create a "data exchange center," allowing users to track and control their data.

In 2019, it is time to defend the right to privacy – yours, mine, ours. Consumers should not have to tolerate for an additional year companies that irresponsibly accumulate huge user profiles, seemingly out of control data breaches and the… Continue Reading →

Apple's chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, testified that Apple had tried to create two sources of iPhone modems in 2018, as before, but Qualcomm did not want to sell its products despite legal battles.

Jeff Williams, director of operations at Apple, talks about the Apple Watch at an event in September. He spoke in the FTC case against Qualcomm on Monday. Getty Images Apple wanted to use Qualcomm's 4G LTE processors in its latest… Continue Reading →

Wiliot Raises $ 30 Million From B Series From AWS, Samsung And More To Create Bullets That Work At Ambient Radio Frequencies, According To $ 120 Million After Money Source

As we continue to search for better and more efficient sources of energy to connect our connected world, companies that develop new energy solutions are attracting attention. Today, a start-up called Wiliot, which manufactures semiconductors that exploit ambient nanowatts of… Continue Reading →

How to create a YouTube studio with temporary green screen

In the pre-YouTube era, video production was complex, time-consuming and expensive. It can still be complex and time consuming, but the barriers to entry are much less important. YouTube offered two main benefits that reduced these barriers to entry. First,… Continue Reading →

CES 2019: With the Elite 85h, Jabra challenges Bose and Sony to create ultimate noise-canceling bins

When you read reviews or discuss the best earmuffs with other people, Bose and Sony are usually the most discussed topics. They both have exceptional headphones with QuietComfort 35 II and WH1000XM3. Jabra is known to have manufactured some of… Continue Reading →

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