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Amazon claims to have canceled its QG2 construction project in New York, focusing instead on northern Virginia and Nashville

For his part, Mr. de Blasio attacked the company after having strongly supported the contract. "We have given Amazon the opportunity to be a good neighbor and do business in the largest city in the world," said de Blasio. "Instead… Continue Reading →

Construction of the Sunshine Coast Landing begins

Construction work on the Sunshine Coast connection to the JGA-South submarine optical fiber cable system has begun. Development Minister Cameron Dick announced the construction of the new Maroochydore landing station over the weekend. The landing station will house the connection… Continue Reading →

Billd, the Austin-based construction credit platform, raises US $ 60 million in loans and shares for 2,000 contractors.

The construction is expensive. In a city like New York, the average cost of construction in 2017 was over $ 354 per square foot; in Zurich, the most popular region in the world, the price was $ 328 per square… Continue Reading →

British engineers completed the construction of Quantum, the first fully software-defined communications satellite that can be reprogrammed into orbit, to be launched this year

Multimedia playback is not supported on your device Media captionYohann Leroy: "Quantum writes a new chapter in the satellite telecommunications industry" British engineers completed the construction of the new Quantum satellite. The telecommunications platform will be the first fully software-defined… Continue Reading →

Madagascar's data and call centers for international customers thrived after the construction of the wired Internet in 2009, with speeds higher than those in the United Kingdom.

In a large, open office, employees are busy processing promotional coupons from a large chain of supermarkets; a few boxes down, their colleagues collect promotions and offers for an e-commerce website; further, developers are testing an application on a battery… Continue Reading →

Survey: 41% of Americans support fairly or strongly the development of AI, 82% want a carefully managed AI, universities and the US military having the most confidence in its construction

In 2018, several major controversies involving AI served as an alarm bell for technologists, policy makers and the public. Technology may have made significant progress in many areas, but it can also fail catastrophically when constructed sloppily or improperly. It… Continue Reading →

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