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Royal Commission requires banks to spend IT spending on compliance

Australia's technology-focused banking and financial sector is preparing to launch a major initiative to address dozens of internal reporting platforms following the Royal Commission's reprimand of senior executives. However, there is growing evidence that significant investments in the current priority… Continue Reading →

National Labor Relations Commission, GOP majority, decided that the minivan drivers for SuperShuttle, Texas, were independent contractors, a victory for companies like Uber

Buried by the announcement of the end of the US Federal Closure, the US government has made a decision that has staggering implications for Uber and similar companies. On January 25, the Republican majority of the National Labor Relations Board… Continue Reading →

The European Commission says more than 95,000 complaints have been filed with data regulators since the adoption of the GDPR in May

Credit: CC0 Public Domain More than 95,000 complaints have been lodged with EU countries since the entry into force of the data protection block's flagship law eight months ago, the European Commission announced on Friday. The complaints have already triggered… Continue Reading →

You may be paying too much for smartphones, according to the Federal Trade Commission

Smartphones have become ultra expensive in recent years. The Federal Trade Commission thinks it's the fault of Qualcomm, mainly for charging companies far too much for its patented technologies. (Tero Vesalainen | Pixabay) The price of a flagship smartphone has… Continue Reading →

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