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"A very complex occupation": car stores are struggling to hire

GREENWOOD, S.C. (Grouvy Today) – Last July in Frisco, Texas, Gerald Sartin realized that the problem was not limited to Greenwood. Sartin, director of the Piedmont Tech Automotive Technology Program, attended an annual conference hosted by the National Institute for… Continue Reading →

A Voicebot survey estimates that about 77 million American adults use a voice assistant in their car at least once a month, compared with 45.7 million for smart speakers.

While smart speakers take off at home, it's important to note that cars are an even bigger market for voice assistants. According to a new study by, some 77 million American adults use voice assistants at least once a… Continue Reading →

Spotify would launch a music player in the car later this year

Spotify plans to launch an on-board music player with voice commands later this year, anonymous sources said The Financial Times. Spotify has already launched this type of product with contextual screens in the Spotify application seen by some customers, such… Continue Reading →

California dealers try to stop Volvo's car subscription service

A trade group representing California car and truck dealers filed a petition with the state's New Motor Vehicle Board to prevent Volvo from offering cars on a subscription model. The deposit, first reported by Teslarati, is an intensification of the… Continue Reading →

Sony A7R II camera destroyed by autonomous car at CES

Lidar sensors are used to map objects in the vicinity AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE ENGINEER and a passionate photographer says taking a picture of a driverless car at CES 2019 had destroyed his brand new Sony A7R II camera. Mr. Jit Ray… Continue Reading →

Data from Portland's four-month scooter program, which has limited the number of scooters to around 2,000 and recorded more than 700,000 rides, shows that scooters often replace short trips by car.

"Many of these companies are going to the cities, flouting local regulations, seeing what they can do and how far they can push cities to welcome them," said Chloé Eudaly, city commissioner for the city. Portland. "I feel that this… Continue Reading →

The first 100% electric Infiniti car will be inspired by this flashy concept

Infiniti traveled to the North American International Auto Show last year in Detroit with a casual, wild futuristic sedan that seemed straight out of the garage of a sci-fi movie villain. The strangest thing about this car, though, was that… Continue Reading →

Security conference will allow you to hack a Tesla car and win cash prizes

Tesla Model 3 Image: Tesla Motors Organizers of the Pwn2Own CanSecWest security conference to be held in Vancouver, Canada in March, will allow security researchers to try and crack a Tesla Model 3 car. Researchers will be able to win… Continue Reading →

The video car analysis technology presented at CES aims to help automakers and signal collection companies gather data to sell while enhancing safety by observing driver behavior.

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – As vehicles get smarter, your car will monitor you. This week at CES, the international consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas, many startup companies will demonstrate to global automakers that sensor technology that monitors and analyzes… Continue Reading →

CES 2019: The AI ​​startup, Eyeris, will know your car from top to bottom

For several years, Eyeris, a six-year-old artificial intelligence company, has been presenting a hotel suite at the Consumer Electronics Show to explain how the car of the future works. This year, the Palo Alto-based company has deployed a Tesla Model… Continue Reading →

China is fueling the electric car market

Copyright of the image Getty Images Legend Rules to reduce pollution should boost sales of electric car manufacturers such as BYD Outside of China, few drivers have heard of brands such as Hit BYD or Beijing Automobile Works. But they… Continue Reading →

A self-driving delivery car brought me a hamburger at CES

Burgers and fries delivered by robo-car. Stranger things happened in Las Vegas. This year, at the CES Technology Show, an AutoX car demonstrated its autonomous driving skills by delivering hamburgers to the convention center. The company based in San Jose,… Continue Reading →

Qualcomm expands its line of chips for car computers by declaring working with Amazon to include Alexa, Amazon Music, Prime Video, Fire TV and Audible on car computers.

(Reuters) – Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM.O) on Monday extended its range of computer chips for cars and divided them into different price tiers, similar to those for smartphones that power relatively low-cost handsets and high-end models. PHOTO FILE: A Qualcomm poster… Continue Reading →

The all-electric Polestar 2 will be the first car with Google's native Android technology

Volvo's futuristic performance brand, Polestar, released the first teaser image of its second car this week (see above). The Polestar 2, aptly named, will be Volvo's first 100% electric car and its specifications (at least on paper) combine with the… Continue Reading →

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