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Facebook identifies disinformation campaign related to Russia

The company said the misleading content was intended to influence people in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Facebook said it has shared information about the survey with US authorities, Congress, other… Continue Reading →

DNC declared in court that he was the target of a spearphishing campaign that failed after the mid-term exams; researchers: the campaign looked like Russia-related attacks

Matthew Dunwoody, a security researcher at FireEye, said the Coy Bear hackers were able to delve into a network without attracting attention. Once in, they often swap their phishing tools for hard-to-detect malware, he said. FireEye said that although Co-Bear… Continue Reading →

Eight months after discovery, non-lethal LoJax rootkit campaign remains active

In May, researchers published a bomb report documenting sophisticated malware attributed to the Russian government. Malware, called "LoJax", creates a persistent backdoor that survives reinstallation of the operating system and replacement of hard disks. On Wednesday, researchers released new findings… Continue Reading →

Googlers for End For For Arbitration, a group of activists within Google, launches a public awareness campaign on binding arbitration agreements Tuesday

Technicians may be new to unionization, but they learn quickly. When 20,000 Google employees demonstrated against their complaint against the sexual harassment caused by the withdrawal of the company, which resulted in slight changes beyond the requirements of the organizers,… Continue Reading →

Big Cable's "10G" campaign betrays fear of wireless 5G networks

5G networks are about to become a big project, with promises of big speed increases that could even one day compete with traditional broadband (just ask D-Link, which announced a 5G home router to CES 2019). And apparently, the idea… Continue Reading →

Some 3.2 million Twitter users in China risk detention and threats of Beijing's new, wide and punitive censorship campaign

Official media such as People's Daily and the Xinhua News Agency, controlled by the Communist Party and the Xinhua News Agency, use Twitter to shape the country's perceptions of the world. "On the one hand, the public media is leveraging… Continue Reading →

Instagram accounts would have coordinated the sharing of child pornography with the help of hashtags, then a viral campaign brought it to light and finally Instagram banned the tags.

Suspected users of child pornography have set up anonymous accounts with usernames or nicknames to discard, such as @ dropbox_nudes_4_real (which has since been removed). The @ZZtails accounts and other members, which are also on the hashtag, contain blank posts… Continue Reading →

An advertising campaign on Facebook associating Roy Moore with calls for an alcohol ban by the state during the Alabama Senate race was a flagged operation conducted by Democratic activists

The "Dry Alabama" Facebook page, illustrated with black images of car wrecks and videos of families devastated by the drink, contained a direct message: alcohol is the work of the devil and the only thing that can be done is… Continue Reading →

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