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Summary of the first six days of the FTC vs. Qualcomm trial, which brought together witnesses from Apple, other companies and experts in intellectual property from consultants and universities

Carl Shapiro, professor of economics at the University of California and expert witness at the FTC, appeared at the helm on Jan. 15 in the lawsuit against Qualcomm. Vicki Behringer The US Federal Trade Commission presented its latest witnesses and… Continue Reading →

A self-driving delivery car brought me a hamburger at CES

Burgers and fries delivered by robo-car. Stranger things happened in Las Vegas. This year, at the CES Technology Show, an AutoX car demonstrated its autonomous driving skills by delivering hamburgers to the convention center. The company based in San Jose,… Continue Reading →

Instagram accounts would have coordinated the sharing of child pornography with the help of hashtags, then a viral campaign brought it to light and finally Instagram banned the tags.

Suspected users of child pornography have set up anonymous accounts with usernames or nicknames to discard, such as @ dropbox_nudes_4_real (which has since been removed). The @ZZtails accounts and other members, which are also on the hashtag, contain blank posts… Continue Reading →

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