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Aussie Broadband predicts long wait for affordable gigabit speeds

Aussie Broadband CEO Phillip Britt believes that affordable gigabit speeds in Australia are still "waiting", requiring, in part, "a shift in mindset at NBN Co" to become a reality. We hope, however, that a change of mentality at NBN Co… Continue Reading →

The broadband industry likes nonsense

Your internet service provider thinks you are stupid. Between false & # 39; unlimited & # 39; plans, fake costs and simply not offering promised speeds, companies like Verizon, AT & T, Comcast and Spectrum use dubious claims and branding… Continue Reading →

US court overturns FCC's attempt to deny broadband subsidies to tribal residents

A federal court of appeal overturned Ajit Pai's attempt to remove broadband subsidies from tribal residents. The Federal Communications Commission led by Pai voted 3-2 in November 2017 to make it much more difficult for tribal residents to obtain a… Continue Reading →

Intel Signs Agreement with Comcast to Provide Xfinity Technology for Broadband 10 Gbps and 6 Home Wi-Fi, with Launch of First Devices This Year

As Comcast continues its ambitions to become the hub around which our many connected devices and services evolve at home, and Intel continues to create smaller, faster and more efficient chips, both announce a key agreement to give Comcast a… Continue Reading →

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