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SAP targets counterfeit drugs with blockchain tracker

SAP has launched a blockchain-based supply chain tracking service, which will enable drug wholesalers to authenticate pharmaceutical packaging returned from hospitals and pharmacies. The Collaborating Center for Life Sciences will initially be used to track the return of unused drugs… Continue Reading →

The craze for blockchain helps to raise wages

The wages of blockchain developers are rising again as their annual salary has risen by more than $ 4,000 in the last six months for those in the highest bracket. And according to a new report, the rush to adopt… Continue Reading →

NASA seeks to secure flight data with blockchain technology

NASA is studying potential use cases of blockchain technology to protect the confidentiality and security of aircraft flight data. A research article published this week by Ronald Reisman, aeronautical computer engineer, explored the viability of a network of block chains… Continue Reading →

China's Internet censorship approves new regulations for start-up blockchain, requiring registration of users' names, censorship of content, etc., starting Feb. 15.

The Chinese Internet censorship agency has approved a set of rules for blockchain service providers in the country that will come into effect in mid-February. The Chinese Cyberspace Administration (CAC) released its new "Blockchain Information Services Management Regulation" on Thursday,… Continue Reading →

How Blockchain can be a solution for cybercrime and more

We have often heard about the blockchain and its usefulness for the new cybercrime space. The issue of cybercrime and how blockchain is a plausible solution for many of these types of crime is now being examined in the eyes… Continue Reading →

The "boring" blockchain could become mainstream in 2019: MIT

The Blockchain – which has been hailed as a breakthrough technology that could revolutionize entire industries – will be so banal in 2019 that it will become "boring," according to the MIT Technology Review. "In 2017, blockchain technology was a… Continue Reading →

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