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Jeff Bezos said that he was a victim of extortion and blackmail. What is the difference?

Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world, revealed on Thursday in a sensational blog that he was the victim of extortion and blackmail by the company behind the National Enquirer. He accused American Media Inc. of threatening to publish… Continue Reading →

Why Jeff Bezos went to medium with his message

Someone remembers blogs? Many years before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter became the main points of sharing, users had to visit sites such as Open Diary, Blogger and LiveJournal to publish their thoughts for the world. But over time, social media… Continue Reading →

Does the riposte make Jeff Bezos untouchable?

Edward C. Baig UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 11:36 am EST February 10, 2019 Before his bombing charge that American Media Inc. (AMI) was trying to extort and blackmail him, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was portrayed… Continue Reading →

The owner of National Enquirer defends the report on Bezos from Amazon

The owner of the US tabloid The National Enquirer on Friday opposed charges of "extortion and blackmail" by Jeff Bezos, chief executive of, claiming his reports on An extramarital relationship involving the world's richest man was legal and claims…. Continue Reading →

Saudi Arabia denies involvement in the leakage of private messages from Jeff Bezos

In his extraordinary Medium post last week accused American Media Inc of "extortion and blackmail," Bezos hinted (but did not state explicitly) that there might be a connection between Saudi Arabia and the publication of his personal messages with Lauren… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos always fought against the spotlight. Now, & # 39; s the world's richest person is surrendered.

Jeff Bezos, now the world's richest person, lived for a long time the life of a mere slightly well-off person. He gave very little money to the charity, but no one saw it. He was not the Golden Globes toast… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos publishes letters from AMI that he says show that he is threatened with publishing his nude photos, unless he stops probing AMI's previous reports and motivations.

No thanks, sir pecker Something unusual happened yesterday. In fact, for me it was not only unusual – it was a first. I made an offer that I could not refuse. Or at least, that's what the highest personalities of… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos accuses the national investigator of extortion and blackmail

The richest man in the world on Thursday accused the nation's largest publisher of supermarket tabloids of extortion and blackmail, exposing a theory of international intrigue, White House politics, nude photos, and love texting. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos says that National Enquirer is threatening to publish his nude photo

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has published an amazing personal blog post on the Medium platform with information about what he claims to be extortion and blackmail on behalf of the tabloid National Enquirer. In a message entitled "No thank… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of blackmail

[Ourmediacolumnistresearched[Ourmediacolumnistexamined[Onzemedia-columnistonderzocht[Ourmediacolumnistexaminedthe unlikely power of The National Enquirer in December.] It has also shown that even for one of the world's most powerful tech titans and the owner of one of the most influential newspapers in the country, the best means… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos & # 39; Blue Origin wants to launch a person in space by the end of this year

Download the Mach newsletter. REGISTER January 24, 2019, 7:26 PM GMT / Source: By Meghan Bartels, Blue Origin's new Shepard rocket completed the tenth test during the test flight on Wednesday, during a smooth start from cold Western… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos announces re: MARS, a public extension of the state-of-the-art invitation-only MARS conference to be held in Las Vegas from June 4th to 7th

For the past few years, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been organizing an invitational event every year, where billionaires, astronauts and robotics can rub shoulders and discuss the future of technology rather than gluttony. Now, this event is becoming a… Continue Reading →

Who is MacKenzie Bezos?

"I would say that the main theme of the book is the idea that the things that worry us the most in life, the things we feel trapped in, the mistakes we made, the misfortune we encountered, the accidents that… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos of Amazon and MacKenzie Bezos are considering divorce

The founder of the Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and novelist MacKenzie Bezos announced Wednesday on Twitter that they were divorcing after 25 years of marriage. In a statement posted on Mr. Bezos' Twitter account, the couple claims to have been separated… Continue Reading →

Divorce Bezos: How Washington's "Community Property" Will Divide the Assets of the World's Richest Man

Breaking News Emails Receive last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered the mornings of the week. SUBSCRIBE January 11, 2019, 16:32 GMT By Danny Cevallos The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced this week that… Continue Reading →

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announce their divorce after 25 years of marriage. MacKenzie worked at Amazon from the beginning

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos in 2017. (Photo of the National Aeronautic Association). Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, announced this morning via the personal Twitter account of Amazon's general manager that they decided to divorce after 25 years of… Continue Reading →

Bezos announces plans to help populate the solar system

The mega-billionaire Jeff Bezos predicts one day a population explosion of 1 trillion humans in the solar system – and says his rocket company, Blue Origin, will help pave the way. At the Wired Technology Summit's 25th Anniversary Summit in… Continue Reading →

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