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Climate change: UK carbon capture project begins

Legend The project aims to capture one tonne of CO2 per day The giant Drax plant, located near Selby in North Yorkshire, has become the first in Europe to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from wood combustion. Drax burns seven million… Continue Reading →

Construction of the Sunshine Coast Landing begins

Construction work on the Sunshine Coast connection to the JGA-South submarine optical fiber cable system has begun. Development Minister Cameron Dick announced the construction of the new Maroochydore landing station over the weekend. The landing station will house the connection… Continue Reading →

The US Army begins deploying FLIR Black Hornet nano-drones measuring 6.6 inches in diameter, weighing less than 33 grams, and providing HD photos and live video footage to soldiers

FLIR The US military aims to equip almost all of its ground combat units with tiny drones capable of spying on other forces in the sky. The awarded $ 39.6 million contract has enriched the coffers of FLIR Systems, an… Continue Reading →

Verizon's Visible, which offers unlimited text, voice and data for $ 40 / month, announces Android compatibility and begins selling the Galaxy S9, S9 + and iPhones.

Last year, when Verizon stealthily launched a new startup called Visible, it operated under a Bring Your Own Device model: to sign up, you already had to have an unlocked and Visible iPhone would send you a new card SIM…. Continue Reading →

Twitter begins to deploy a simpler Web interface

Twitter is currently deploying a simplified web interface to select users. Twitter has now begun to roll out a new design for the Web that offers a simpler and sharper look. The social networking giant has opted for a two-column… Continue Reading →

Asian markets collapse again as Tokyo begins 2019 as a nightmare

Most Asian markets advanced on Friday, reversing their initial losses, although Tokyo posted an increase of more than 2 percent, while tech companies were more affected by the shock warning about Apple's revenue. The big gains helped to end a… Continue Reading →

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