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Benchmark Awards 2019 Finalist: FWO anonymous report in a foreign language

The Fair Labor Ombudsman, in his capacity to combat the exploitation of vulnerable workers, explores all the possibilities open to them to inform workers of their rights and to allow them to denounce the bad relations of their employers. In… Continue Reading →

Benchmark Awards 2019 Finalist: Eric Jiang, Monash University

Eric Jiang, an undergraduate student at Monash University, has appealed to university staff by successfully designing and deploying an automated online tool that simplifies the student course planning experience. . The myPlan project started in October 2016 as an open… Continue Reading →

Finalist of the 2019 Benchmark Awards: Airservices cloud migration allows a fast landing

Nothing beats a tight deadline to center the minds, but Chris Seller, CIO of Airservices Australia, has no regrets to have transferred all the computer park of the agency in one of the new secured commercial clouds Canberra's "Protected" quality…. Continue Reading →

Finalist of the 2019 Reference Awards: The National Blood Authority deploys BloodNet5

The National Blood Authority, which coordinates the management and distribution of Australia's blood supply, has revamped the BloodNet platform on which its rescue work is based. The modernization of BloodNet4 began in late 2016 with the goal of reducing the… Continue Reading →

Benchmark Awards Finalist 2019: Canberra Uni reorganizes student CRM

Credit: University of Canberra The University of Canberra has continued its efforts to provide streamlined digital tools to its students and staff, replacing 12 systems and automating more than 200 workflows, as a result of the redesign of its management… Continue Reading →

Benchmark Awards Finalist 2019: Real-time feedback app Boost Juice

Boost Juice has turned its popular app into an instant feedback tool for customers, providing the channel, its franchisers and support staff with highly detailed information on customer performance and experience. The shopping center mall used mystery shoppers to check… Continue Reading →

Benchmark Awards 2019 Finalists: UnitingCare Queensland Transformation Program

UnitingCare Queensland has undergone a vast transformation of its IT ecosystem and management, consolidating four distinct functions into one group and avoiding legacy systems in favor of managed services. The overhaul was motivated by the need to reduce overhead while… Continue Reading →

Benchmark Awards 2019 Finalists: La Trobe Uni Deploys Robots in Classroom

Credit: La Trobe University Teachers are often reluctant to let more technology enter the classroom, but a test of a social engagement robot in Melbourne's kids' classrooms quickly drew the attention of the school. Attention of educators and students. 'Matilda'… Continue Reading →

iTnews Benchmark Awards 2019: Education finalists unveiled

The contenders for the annual ITNEWS The reference awards are becoming clearer: in recent days, we have revealed the finalists in the Finance and Industrial category and presented the best emerging technologies to users, along with the unveiling at the… Continue Reading →

iTnews Benchmark Awards 2019: Emerging Technologies Finalists Unveiled

Competitive field narrows for the annual campaign ITNEWS Reference Rewards: This week, we announced finalists in the Finance and Industry category, in addition to the state and local government winners we revealed at the end of 2018. Today, we are… Continue Reading →

iTnews Benchmark Awards 2019: Industrial finalists unveiled

Yesterday ITNEWS finalists announced in the Finance category of our annual Benchmark Awards. Today, it is the turn of the industrial sector. The entrances took us above the earth, underground, and again, and demonstrated an attractive innovation. The three finalists… Continue Reading →

Benchmark Awards 2019 Finalists: Melbourne Water Appeals to AI for Asset and Knowledge Management Systems

Melbourne Water has turned to artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that water penetrates as efficiently as possible into the taps of Victorian capitals, while reducing costly flood risks. Transporting water from the Sugarloaf Reservoir through the Winneke Water… Continue Reading →

First lady, Melania Trump, honored with Razzie Awards with nomination of Worst Actress in a Supporting Role

Smile and wave … just a smile and wave. Image: SAUL LOEB / AFP via a getty image By Alison Foreman2019-01-21 18:44:55 UTC The most dishonorable honors of entertainment are back and this time, their public shame is centered on… Continue Reading →

iTnews Benchmark Awards 2019: Financial finalists unveiled

iTnews will announce this week the finalists of five categories of our annual Benchmark Awards. At the end of 2018, we announced the finalists in the categories Government of the State and Local Government. Today, meet the three institutions that,… Continue Reading →

Grouvy Today Awards at CES 2019: let's be friends

CES is perhaps best known for its show, the big showcase of products that you will probably never see outside of CES, let alone purchase. This year, things were a bit different in the CES showroom. Of course, there were… Continue Reading →

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