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Automatic license plate readers, formerly reserved for law enforcement, are now being used by private citizens, raising fears of abuse and new legal and ethical issues.

The state of supervision is no longer limited to the state. For years, police services have been monitoring people's cars with the help of cameras that record the license plate number of each passing vehicle. Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San… Continue Reading →

As of the next version of Firefox 66, Firefox for Android and desktop computers will block automatic playback of video and audio files by default.

Is not it awkward when you click on a link or open a new browser tab and the video or audio playback is automatic? We know that unsolicited volume can be a source of distraction and frustration for web users…. Continue Reading →

Microsoft launches automatic update of Windows 10 1809 with three months late

This week, Microsoft relaunched the automatic distribution of the Windows 10 October 2018 update, the complicated upgrade that was released from the release just days after its debut. "We are now starting our progressive deployment for users via Windows Update,… Continue Reading →

Hands-on with Nike's $ 350 Bluetooth-compatible Adapt BB shoe, featuring an automatic lacing, which will allow basketball players to change the tightness of their shoes via an app.

Why does the world need an automatic lacing shoe? You have not heard of velcro? How will you tie your shoes when Wi-Fi is down? This is the essence of the instant reaction I had when I mentioned the new… Continue Reading →

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