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Zoho brings assistant Zia AI to his office applications

Zoho has updated its office suite, adding artificial intelligence features and introducing a new note-taking application, Notebook. Zoho has deployed artificial intelligence features under the Zia brand in recent years; Zia now acts as a smart assistant in Zoho's sales… Continue Reading →

With Assistant update, Google says that Nest has a secret microphone

Some surprises are fun when a friend gives you an unexpected gift. Others, not so much. Sometimes they can even be a bit frightening. We have a good example of the latest kind of surprise, thanks to the latest Nest… Continue Reading →

Voicebot: The number of Google Assistant shares in the United States reached 4,253 in January 2019, up 2.5 times year-over-year, behind Amazon, which boasted 56,750 Alexa skill skills.

In addition to their market share in the smart speaker market, Google and Amazon are also competing for the developer spirit in the voice application ecosystem. In this regard, Amazon has grown: the number of voice skills available for Alexa… Continue Reading →

Google Assistant actions increased by 2.5x in 2018 to 4,253 in the US.

In addition to competing for the market share of smart speakers, Google and Amazon are also competing for the development of mindshare for developers in the voice app ecosystem. On this front, Amazon has boomed – the number of voting… Continue Reading →

Zoho updates its Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show and Notebooks desktop products with Zia Voice, a conversational AI assistant.

As for the big tech companies, Zoho is a little different. Not only has it never used venture capital funds, but it also offers more than 40 products, ranging from its online office suite to CRM and HR tools, e-mail,… Continue Reading →

How to change the voice of Google Assistant

If you do not like the default voice of your Google assistant, do not worry, because it's easy enough to change it. Ten assistant voices are available – five male voices and five female voices – and here's all you… Continue Reading →

Nest Secure wins Google Assistant feature

Nest adds Google's features to Nest Guard, the base station of its Nest Secure home security system. The firmware update is in progress. It will allow homeowners to ask questions and get answers via the device, in the same way… Continue Reading →

Spanish-based, which manufactures a Spanish voice assistant, is extending the $ 8.5 million to $ 15 million series A to 5 million users

When we think of artificial intelligence platforms that change our use of voice to interact with phones, home devices and other services, we tend to think of Alexa from Amazon, Apple's Siri, Google and Cortana from Microsoft. But there are… Continue Reading →

A Voicebot survey estimates that about 77 million American adults use a voice assistant in their car at least once a month, compared with 45.7 million for smart speakers.

While smart speakers take off at home, it's important to note that cars are an even bigger market for voice assistants. According to a new study by, some 77 million American adults use voice assistants at least once a… Continue Reading →

Project Alias ​​ensures that Alexa and Google Assistant will not hear anything

Google Home gets a makeover A NEW DEVICE Making smart speakers at the shelter of The Man was one of CES's surprise successes. Project Alias ​​looks a bit like a scobi (ask your hippie friends) and installs over the speaker… Continue Reading →

Microsoft abandons Cortana's fight against Alexa and Google Assistant

The general manager of Microsoft admitted that Cortana was not well placed to compete with Alexa or Google Assistant. Instead of trying to compete with these digital assistants, Satya Nadella believes that Cortana should be designed to integrate with the… Continue Reading →

Satya Nadella said that Cortana would not challenge Alexa and Google Assistant directly, but that Microsoft would make it a skill on other voice platforms.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reports that change is on the horizon for Cortana, his intelligent voice-activated assistant. Instead of focusing directly on the challenge of Amazon's popular mega-assistant, Amazon, Nadella said that Microsoft would focus on making Cortana available as… Continue Reading →

Microsoft no longer considers Cortana a competitor Alexa or Google Assistant

The Microsoft Cortana Digital Assistant has fallen behind Google Assistant and Alexa over the past year. The software manufacturer is now taking a different approach to competition. S addressing reporters at a media event earlier this week, attended by The… Continue Reading →

Black & Decker sits in the smart home with a Wi-Fi router and an innovative home care assistant

Whether the Black & Decker brand evokes images of power tools or appliances such as the Dustbuster, you probably will not think about it in the context of the smart home. It could soon change. The company is developing two… Continue Reading →

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa fought for our attention at CES 2019

Alexa has become a household name for smart assistants, but her struggle with Google Assistant is getting harder than expected. The products can support Alexa and Google Assistant. Given that smart home companies want to sell their products to as… Continue Reading →

Sonos has announced the launch of a private beta test of the Google Assistant integration, announced for the first time in 2017, with the goal of deploying it later this year.

January 8, 2019 11:00 PT Sonos has launched a Google Assistant private beta test on its smart speakers and plans to launch the integration to the public this year. Google Assistant will be directly integrated with speakers with voice input,… Continue Reading →

Lenovo Reduces Smart Google Assistant Display to Smart 4-inch Clock for Music and Alarms

If the current smart screens are too big for you, Lenovo's new smart clock might be your traffic jam. The display optimized by the Google Assistant is not just small enough to fit on your bedside table, it's barely bigger… Continue Reading →

Lenovo launches smart devices at CES 2019, says Google Assistant duopoly, Amazon Amazon Digital Assistant

Lenovo has launched a smart clock that accompanies its Smart Display and Smart Home Essentials devices. And as for clocks, Lenovo does not reinvent exactly the category. In fact, Lenovo's device, "specially designed for your bedroom," relies on Google Assistant… Continue Reading →

Google launches the Google Assistant for Smart Screens and Speakers mode to translate languages ​​in real time for people living in the same physical space

Over the past year, Google has made its virtual assistant, Google's eponymous helper, more capable of handling usually difficult or arduous conversations. Need to make a reservation for dinner by picking up the phone and talking to a real human… Continue Reading →

Google Assistant will soon be your interpreter

Google Assistant will soon be able to play the role of interpreter and serve as an intermediary for natural conversations between 27 languages ​​at the start. Think of it as your own personal translator in your pocket. This is an… Continue Reading →

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