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Discovery of Easter Island: experts solve the mystery of ancient monuments

The experts unveiled more secrets of the mysterious ancient monuments of Easter Island. The famous statues, or moai, are supported by monumental platforms called ahu. Researchers have long wondered why monuments have been placed at specific locations on the island…. Continue Reading →

The ancient DNA of the viking tombs proves that ferocious fighters were riding horses

The Vikings who settled in Iceland more than 1,000 years ago appreciate their horses so much that the men are buried with their faithful horses. And the DNA analysis of these precious animals has recently proven that horses sent to… Continue Reading →

Code name "Corona": The first spy-satellite images reveal the secrets of the ancient Middle East

By mapping historical images of satellite spies with recent aerial photos, researchers can find historical sites missing for decades. (Center for Advanced Space Technologies, University of Arkansas) When the United States launched its first secret "spy satellites" in the 1960s,… Continue Reading →

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