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Amazon knows what you buy. And he builds a great advertising company from that.

The major online advertising networks offer different ways to target customers. A brand that sells women's running shirts could turn to Google to look for people that the company considers women and want to run based on their search and… Continue Reading →

Amazon Deploys "Robotic Tech Jacket" to Prevent Workers From Being Hit by Robots

An Amazon robot in a distribution center in New Jersey, 2017. Photo: Julio Cortez (Grouvy Today) Amazon has begun deploying a "new portable equipment for worker safety" in more than 25 of its sites over the past year, TechCrunch reported… Continue Reading →

Amazon Great Indian Sale has launched and here are the best deals up until now

Amazon Great Indian Sale The January 2019 edition has begun. The first major sale of the company takes place until Wednesday, January 23rd. The Amazon sale offered early access to Amazon Prime members on Saturday, but is now open to… Continue Reading →

Amazon shareholders revolt against Rekognition, Nvidia opens robotic lab and intense AI chips on Google Cloud

Roundup Hi, here is a quick summary of some of the exciting announcements regarding this week's AI. Keep reading if you like robots and GPUs. The Nvidia robotics laboratory opens its doors: Nvidia's AI robotics laboratory officially opened after CEO… Continue Reading →

This 43-inch 4K HDR TV with integrated Amazon Fire TV is on sale for $ 200

If you have not yet passed the glorious 4K HDR life, this is the perfect time to see what you are missing for cheap. Best Buy sells a 43-inch 43-inch HDR 43-inch HDR TV with Amazon's integrated Fire TV for… Continue Reading →

Amazon sells the latest iPad Pro at the price of $ 100 today

The new Apple iPad Pro are good, so good that they cost as much as some MacBooks. Today, however, Amazon is easing a little action with some stellar $ 100 rebates on the 11 – inch and 12 – inch… Continue Reading →

The owner of Reliance Retail, India's largest retailer, and Jio, a disruptive telecom operator, announces the creation of an online retail platform to compete with Flipkart and Amazon

While Flipkart, a company owned by Amazon and Walmart, are struggling to find a way around the new strict e-commerce policy imminent in India, the two companies have now come up against a new challenge: the man the richest of… Continue Reading →

Max Schrems files GDPR claims against Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and others for failing to provide the required information about the data collected by users.

European privacy activist Max Schrems has filed a new batch of strategic complaints with technology giants including Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. The complaints, filed via its non-profit organization for the protection of privacy and digital rights, noyb, relate… Continue Reading →

Facebook says it will ask its employees to remove their reviews of Portal devices on Amazon after three employees were caught starving 5-star reviews.

The smart postings of the Facebook portal have been a tough battle, trying to convince people to voluntarily give the notoriously social media company security-lax another avenue in their homes. But it seems that some people are rather satisfied with… Continue Reading →

The streaming platforms in India, including Netflix, are adopting a content self-regulation plan to prevent potential censorship; Amazon Prime Video does not connect

Netflix and other video streaming platforms have signed an agreement to self-regulate content in the booming Indian market. But Amazon and Facebook are up until now. The new "Code of Best Practice for Selected Content Providers Online", created by Internet… Continue Reading →

Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Backup, a Fully Managed Centralized Service for Customers to Back Up Their Data Through AWS and Onsite Services

The centralized backup service allows customers to automate backups of their data more easily and cheaply while meeting business and regulatory requirements. State Street Corporation, Smile Brands and Rackspace among businesses using AWS Backup SEATTLE – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Jan…. Continue Reading →

Here are the 5 best Amazon offers you can get right now

Samantha Gordon Commenté.com Posted at 10:54 am EST January 14, 2019 – Our publishers review and recommend products to help you buy what you need If you make a purchase by clicking on one of our links, we can earn… Continue Reading →

Evan Spiegel says Tim Stone, CFO of Snap, who joined Amazon in the company eight months ago, has resigned but will stay until February 5 to ease the transition.

The departure comes at a difficult time for the company, which has to deal with a declining user base and a falling stock. Snap has had an exodus of executives over the past year, including Chief Human Resources Officer Jason… Continue Reading →

Amazon's Recently Announced Amazon DocumentDB AWS Announcement Highlights Economic Challenges Faced By Companies Like MongoDB Inc. That Focus On An Open Source Project

In 1999, revenues of the music industry in the United States peaked at $ 14.6 billion (all figures come from the RIAA). However, it is important to be specific about what was sold: $ 12.8 billion came from the sale… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos of Amazon and MacKenzie Bezos are considering divorce

The founder of the Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and novelist MacKenzie Bezos announced Wednesday on Twitter that they were divorcing after 25 years of marriage. In a statement posted on Mr. Bezos' Twitter account, the couple claims to have been separated… Continue Reading →

Project Alias ​​Amazon Echo hacker and Google Home to protect your personal data

The mushrooms of the rainforest can be nasty parasites. Wanting to reproduce, they will infect a much more powerful and powerful insect, taking control of their brain and using its force against it, animating the zombie insect to climb the… Continue Reading →

The CEO behind this smart fire detector is ready to sell to Apple, Google or Amazon

You have a smoke detector in your house and it may even be "smart", but it does not detect fire like the Safer Alarms system that we checked at CES 2019. There is a big difference between smoke detectors and… Continue Reading →

Plex is in talks to offer advertising-supported movies and more premium subscriptions starting this year, through Roku and Amazon Prime Video channels

The multimedia software manufacturer Plex is preparing to face the Roku Channel and Amazon Prime video channels, probably this year. The company is in talks with rights holders and content providers, with the goal of offering free, advertising-funded movies on… Continue Reading →

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa fought for our attention at CES 2019

Alexa has become a household name for smart assistants, but her struggle with Google Assistant is getting harder than expected. The products can support Alexa and Google Assistant. Given that smart home companies want to sell their products to as… Continue Reading →

Report: Amazon builds a game broadcast service

Sony is already doing this, Microsoft and Google are working on it, so it makes sense for Amazon to want to get into video streaming. Having AWS available and owning Twitch is already obvious, right? January 11, 2019 11:15 am… Continue Reading →

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