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Chainalysis: Bitcoin transactions in the darknet network markets increased in 2018 to reach an average of $ 2 million per day, nearly double the activity measured at the beginning of the year.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The use of bitcoin as a means of payment has doubled in 2018 at darknet's market sites, where users can buy anything from illicit drugs to fake cards. 39 identity, even though the price of cryptocurrency… Continue Reading →

Tencent's third-quarter earnings were up 30 percent year-over-year on investment gains, offsetting slower growth in gaming activity; research: Tencent has concluded more than 163 investment contracts in 2018

With more than 600 companies in its portfolio, the Chinese internet giant, Tencent Holdings, has become one of the most active investors in the world of technology. This strategy has also allowed Tencent to generate steady profits at a time… Continue Reading →

Withings Unveils US $ 129: The ECG Move Smart Watch with ECG Tracking, pending FDA clearance, Activity Tracking and Sleep, and will be available from the second quarter of 2019

Withings has had tumultuous years. The company was bought by Nokia only to be bought back by its original owner, Eric Carreel, last May. While selling smart scales, thermometers and other electronic health products, the French company still faces a… Continue Reading →

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