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Pulse Secure Adds Software Defined Perimeter to Secure Access Platform

On February 19, Pulse Secure announced the launch of a new software-defined scope (SDP) offering, which integrates with the company's existing Secure Access platform. SDP is a industry-standard approach, led by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), which provides access and… Continue Reading →

ExtraCrunch, TechCrunch launches a membership level of $ 15 / month, offering exclusive content and benefits such as access to a community of founders and vertical experts

TechCrunch has spent nearly 15 years covering the worlds of technology and startups. This week, he will try to establish a new type of relationship with these communities. On Tuesday, February 12th, Verizon Media Group's publisher will launch Extra Crunch,… Continue Reading →

Apple has announced its partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs and will soon allow veterans to access their digital medical records via the Health iPhone application.

Apple announced that it would soon support access to veterans digital medical records via the Health app on iPhone. The development is part of a new agreement with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. "We have great admiration for veterans… Continue Reading →

Idaptive seeks to reduce identity and access management frictions

Idaptive announced Feb. 7 its next-generation access cloud, providing businesses with a unified approach to identity and access management (IAM) in the cloud and on-premise. The new generation of access clouds integrates multiple components, including single sign-on (SSO), multifactor authentication… Continue Reading →

A leak of documents indicates that about 250 bounty hunters and associated companies have access to AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint customer location data for at least five years.

In January, Motherboard had revealed that AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint were selling the real-time location data of their customers, which ended up in a complex network of companies until finally find in the hands of at least one… Continue Reading →

Researchers discover a flaw in e-ticketing at more than 8 airlines, including Southwest, which would allow hackers to access sensitive information by intercepting e-mails for travelers.

Written by Jeff Stone February 6, 2019 | CYBERSCOOP According to a study released Wednesday by mobile security company Wandera, at least eight airlines, including Southwest, use electronic ticketing systems that could allow hackers to access sensitive information about travelers… Continue Reading →

IOS Apple's 12.2 beta incorporates a new rocker access to motion and orientation in the privacy settings, disabled by default, which limits access to the gyroscope and the camera. accelerometer in Safari.

Last month, Apple released iOS 12.2 in beta with several new features, including the Apple News app in Canada, a redesigned TV remote control in the Control Center, support for the addition of HomeKit compatible TVs in the home application,… Continue Reading →

Three suspects arrested in Ukraine as the FBI and several EU countries seize the domain and xDedic servers, an online marketplace allowing access to hacked servers

The FBI, along with authorities from several European countries, seized the domain and servers of xDedic, a notorious online marketplace where cyber criminals would sell and buy access to hacked servers. Three suspects were also arrested in Ukraine. Also: New… Continue Reading →

An overview of AI-based audio mastering services such as Landr, which promise artists access to professional-quality mastering without the cost of human engineers

Making music is one of the most humane things we do, but in recent years, AI has stepped in to help us. The algorithms have infiltrated almost every part of the music, from the creation of original drum loops to… Continue Reading →

Filing: the widow of crypto-exchange The founder of QuadrigaCX says she can not access most of the coins in the amount of $ 137 million in cold wallets of which only the founder had the keys

According to a court record obtained by CoinDesk, QuadrigaCX owes $ 190 million to its clients and does not have access to most funds. In an affidavit filed on January 31 at the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Jennifer Robertson,… Continue Reading →

Facebook states that Apple has reinstated its access to corporate certificates by releasing internal applications online

Update: In a memo obtained by Internal business, Facebook continues to defend its search application, as well as its decision to distribute it through business certificates. Read the details below. In a new statement today, Facebook says that Apple has… Continue Reading →

Memo: Facebook confirms Apple's disabled access to internal iOS applications and claims that its system is "working closely" to restore "our most critical internal applications immediately"

Apple has paralyzed the work on Facebook and employees of the social network are "pissed off". TechCrunch announced Tuesday that Facebook was discreetly managing a research program that paid teenagers and adults to let tech giant Silicon Valley spy on… Continue Reading →

AWS launches WorkLink, a fully managed $ 5 per month per user service that aims to facilitate access to mobile intranet sites and web applications.

If your company uses a VPN and / or mobile device management service to give you access to its intranet and internal web applications, you know how annoying they are. AWS today launched a new product, Amazon WorkLink, that will… Continue Reading →

Google Announces Additional $ 3.1 Million Contribution to Wikimedia and Gives Wikipedia Publishers Free Access to Custom Search API and Cloud Vision API

Google is investing an additional $ 3.1 million in Wikipedia, bringing its total contribution to the free encyclopedia of more than $ 7.5 million over the last decade, the company said Tuesday at the World Economic Forum on Tuesday. A… Continue Reading →

A look at Hainan, China's latest free trade zone with a visa-free policy, which offers startups free rent, reduced taxes and access to venture capital financing financed by the government. government

Hainan, an island province known as Hawaii in China, not only wants to be known for its sunshine and beaches: it has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming the hub of technological innovation in southern China. country. The strategy… Continue Reading →

Square launches the Square Card, a debit card for small businesses, which gives them immediate access to the money of sales made on their Square payment system.

The company said it was solving a problem for small businesses that had to wait several days before they had access to money from a credit card sale. "The Square Card extends our ecosystem by offering instant deposit," said Alyssa… Continue Reading →

A popular WordPress plugin has leaked access tokens capable of hijacking Twitter accounts

A popular WordPress plugin, installed on thousands of websites to help users share content on social media sites, left the linked Twitter accounts exposed to compromise. The plugin, Social Network Tabs, stored the so-called access tokens in the source code… Continue Reading →

The former homeless bringing web access to the Bronx

Copyright of the image Neture Legend Marlin Jenkins is trying to introduce broadband Internet in the poorest households The digital divide – the economic gap between those who have access to the Internet and those who do not – is… Continue Reading →

CBS All Access Confirms Star Trek: Discovery With Michelle Yeoh

<img src = "×534.jpg" alt = "Capt. Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) of the secret branch of the Federation, section 31, will be the news center Star Trek: Discovery derived series. "/> Enlarge / Capt. Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) from Section… Continue Reading →

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