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A study reveals that the first percent of bug hunters discovers an average of about .87 bug per month and earns an average annual salary of about $ 34,000.

Trying to make a living as a programmer participating in the bug bonuses is like convincing yourself that you are good enough at Texas Hold 'Em to quit your job. There is data to save this in Repairing a hole:… Continue Reading →

Electrolux Pure i9: This robotic device does not justify its price

We have already seen circular robot vacuum cleaners and D-shaped robots, but the Pure i9 is the first triangular device we have encountered. Electrolux has introduced the Trinity Shape brand, designed to make cleaning corners, skirting boards and other edges… Continue Reading →

8 things you should automate on your smartphone

Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo) We live in a time of ultra-smart technologies designed to make life easier for us. Therefore, avoid household chores the moment your phone could do the work for you. Here are some of the best automations… Continue Reading →

The Unicorn for Indian Education Byju's acquires Osmo, which develops interactive gaming applications integrated with custom-built hardware, for $ 120 million

A few weeks after raising a massive $ 540 million, Byju's Indian Licorne for Education is on the path to mergers and acquisitions. The company announced today that it has purchased Osmo, an American startup that is developing children's apps… Continue Reading →

Google Pixel 3 "Lite" shows leaks in a full video

At this point, it is traditional that new Google phones appear in unboxing videos from Eastern Europe even before they were announced. The same goes for the so-called "Pixel 3 Lite", a mid-range Pixel phone that has already been leaked… Continue Reading →

Talking about horses and perfect faces: the rise of virtual celebrities

Copyright of the image Dengeki online Legend Virtual YouTubers are animated characters, often anonymously controlled by human users. Another type of celebrity on the Internet is emerging; Virtual characters who talk on YouTube or pose on Instagram like to live,… Continue Reading →

Comment by Travis Strikes Again: Switch could already have its strangest game of 2019

Grasshopper Manufacturing Have you heard of video game developer Goichi Suda, better known to fans as Suda51? If that's the case, you probably know his brand of strange games, from Western cult classics Killer 7 and More heroes definitely Japanese… Continue Reading →

Facebook states that it will extend its stricter advertising rules to India, Nigeria, Ukraine and the EU in anticipation of the upcoming elections in the coming months

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Facebook Inc. announced on Tuesday to Reuters that it would expand some of its rules on political advertising and its tools to combat electoral interference in India, Nigeria, Ukraine and other countries. in the European Union,… Continue Reading →

"My Christmas package has ended up being recycled"

Copyright of the image Pippa Park Legend Pippa Park was less festive mood when a gift for her sister went astray During the Christmas season, the number of packages delivered is increasing, causing headaches for delivery companies and customer frustration… Continue Reading →

Motorola's RAZR comes back with a folding smartphone at $ 1,500

The legendary Motorola RAZR could make a big comeback in the form of a $ 1,500 collapsible smart phone, and it could be launched in February, according to a new report from the the Wall Street newspaper. The original RAZR… Continue Reading →

Trump signs the OPEN Government Data Act, urging federal agencies to make public data by default, where possible, and publish it in machine-readable format

The federal government produces a huge amount of data, but despite discouraging considerations of usability, it is unlikely that this data will be available in a way that is useful to anyone. That could change for the better with the… Continue Reading →

New First Round Capital Feeder Fund Targeting New Graduates

First Round Capital, one of Uber's first investors, decided it needed a way to access the best companies brewed in dormitories in the United States. The start-up venture capital firm has launched the Dorm Room Fund, a student-run capital pool…. Continue Reading →

Instagram egg: Kylie Jenner's favorite record beat

Getty Images An example of an egg – very similar to the egg published on Instagram The world is full of wonders – sunrises, birth of baby lambs and an egg with 38 million likes on Instagram. How did it… Continue Reading →

Where will NASA go in 20 years? It may depend on the private space and China

NASA's manned space flight program has been in low Earth orbit since 1972. Can we go beyond that in the next 20 years? NASA 20th Anniversary of Ars Technica See more stories Birthdays are a moment of reflection. When Ars… Continue Reading →

Techstars announces Techstars Studio, a CO-based startup studio for new business concepts, that plans to support four or five startups in its first year

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " Techstars community members, like those pictured here, will have the opportunity to launch new startups through their studio program.TechStars One of the most recognizable startup accelerator programs technology is trying to tempt a… Continue Reading →

Best storage bags, fanny packs and clutches for your gear

Smart phones are bigger than ever and they bring a lot of cords, adapters, headphones and power banks. Getting all this equipment packed for travel or daily outings can be a headache. So we reviewed and selected some of the… Continue Reading →

Sony A7R II camera destroyed by autonomous car at CES

Lidar sensors are used to map objects in the vicinity AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE ENGINEER and a passionate photographer says taking a picture of a driverless car at CES 2019 had destroyed his brand new Sony A7R II camera. Mr. Jit Ray… Continue Reading →

Unity updates ToS so that any third-party software, such as SpatialOS of Improbable, can be used with its game engine, following last week's testing.

This change means that the unlikely company, the company behind SpatialOS, a cloud-based server platform that helps developers create games with vast and persistent worlds, does not violate plus the conditions of Unity. SpatialOS is not officially supported, which means… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Pledges $ 500 Million for Affordable Housing in the Seattle Area

The initial reaction to the company's announcement was positive. "There is virtually no level of housing needed," said Claudia Balducci, a member of King County Council, who leads the regional Affordable Housing Task Force. A report released in December by… Continue Reading →

A bird in start back in the legal row of electric scooters

A scooter company apologized after publishing a journalist legally threatened on a blog post about his scooters. The start-up Bird offers electric scooters in about 40 cities in the United States, which are hired via an application. Bird accused Cory… Continue Reading →

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