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Websites Can Steal Browser Data Through Extension APIs

Malicious websites may exploit browser extension APIs to execute code in the browser and steal sensitive information such as bookmarks, browsing history and even cookies from users. The latter, which an attacker can use to hack the active login sessions… Continue Reading →

Google's censored Chinese search engine has been protested by human rights defenders in 10 countries

A coalition of human rights groups organized Friday protests in 10 different countries against Google's plan to set up a censored Chinese search engine that would allow authorities to filter certain words and phrases Associate phone numbers with queries. The… Continue Reading →

According to a researcher, AIESEC, a non-profit organization claiming to be the "world's largest youth-led organization," has left 4 million applications from interns with sensitive information exposed online

AIESEC, a nonprofit organization that claims to be "the world's largest youth-led organization," has exposed over four million trainee applications containing personal and sensitive information on a server without a password. Bob Diachenko, an independent security researcher, discovered an unprotected… Continue Reading →

Oracle Expands into Cloud with New Generation Data Center in Canada

Oracle is investing heavily in a list of real estate investments in 2019 to implement its aggressive cloud computing strategy. On January 17, the database and cloud services provider revealed exclusively to eWEEK the opening of a Toronto data center… Continue Reading →

Allbirds to open Seattle store and open $ 1 billion stores with increased brick and mortar footprint

Allbirds will open a new brick and mortar store at the University Village in Seattle. (GeekWire Photo / Taylor Soper) Allbirds is landing in Seattle. The multi-billion dollar sneaker start-up will open its fourth retail store at the Seattle University… Continue Reading →

A Gartner survey of more than 3,000 CIOs in 89 countries reveals that the deployment of AI in companies has increased 270% over the last four years and 37% over the last year.

Businesses are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) as if it were old-fashioned, according to a new Gartner report. Stamford's 2019 survey of more than 3,000 executives in 89 countries found that the implementation of AI has increased by 270% over the… Continue Reading →

Shodan Safari, where hackers harass the worst devices on the internet

If you leave something on the internet, someone will hack it. The reality is that many device manufacturers make it far too easy by using standard passwords that are extensively documented, allowing anyone to sign up as "administrator" and browse… Continue Reading →

Are 10-year Challenge photos an advantage for Facebook's face recognition technology?

The # 10YearChallenge was fun until last week, when a tweet worried thousands of people: do we unconsciously help giant corporations improve their biometric identification and age progression algorithms? The # 10YearChallenge has been gaining popularity on social media this… Continue Reading →

Google fines $ 57 million for violating privacy terms when users do not find them

Photo: Getty / Justin Sullivan In France, the regulatory authorities for the protection of the private life imposed a fine of 56.8 million dollars on Google. This is the country's first use of the new, strict privacy rules adopted in… Continue Reading →

India wants social media platforms to remove content that it considers "illegal"

The Indian government has proposed new rules to stop the dissemination of false news and false information in the country on social media – and local civil liberties groups are not happy. At the end of last month, the Internet… Continue Reading →

First lady, Melania Trump, honored with Razzie Awards with nomination of Worst Actress in a Supporting Role

Smile and wave … just a smile and wave. Image: SAUL LOEB / AFP via a getty image By Alison Foreman2019-01-21 18:44:55 UTC The most dishonorable honors of entertainment are back and this time, their public shame is centered on… Continue Reading →

A Dutch surgeon officially sanctioned for medical negligence wins a lawsuit aimed at removing Google's results regarding his case in a historic "right to forget" decision

A Dutch surgeon officially sanctioned for his medical negligence has been successful in a lawsuit aimed at removing Google search results regarding his case as part of a landmark "right to forget" decision . The doctor's registration on the register… Continue Reading →

Why Uber wants to build scooters and bicycles that can drive themselves

Robert Alexander / Getty Images Uber is looking for people to help people develop autonomous scooter and bicycle technology, according to Wired-editor-turned-robotics entrepreneur Chris Anderson. The aim would be to make bicycles and scooters "drive themselves to charging or better… Continue Reading →

We spoke to a Waymo One customer about the confusion between taxi robots and torrential rains

Last month, Waymo launched its first stand-alone taxi service – Waymo One – in Phoenix, Arizona, but you'd barely know it by scrolling through your feed. No Facebook posts, no live videos, no tweets. We do not know how many… Continue Reading →

Each roll you can unlock in Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies

Ace Combat 7 has taken dog fighting games to a whole new level. With excellent fights, immersive weather effects and a long list of fighter jets, Ace Combat 7 is gearing up to become a leader in its class. There… Continue Reading →

A new trailer for the second season of American Gods announces a war between gods

Starz has released a new trailer for its second season of American gods, showing a construction confrontation between the old gods and the new ones. The series is based on Neil Gaiman's 2001 fantasy novel, which follows a former convict,… Continue Reading →

Elon Musk launches cheap tunnels from The Boring Company to big names

Expand / Potential tunnel project linking Sydney (Australia) to the West. Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company – presented his new tunnel drilling capabilities to elected officials elected as well as to the director of… Continue Reading →

A casino group behind sites like has left over 108 million records exposed on a server, including bets, withdrawals, names, personal addresses and phone numbers of players.

Image: Casino Kahuna, Composition: ZDNet ZDNet learned that a group of online casinos had leaked information on more than 108 million wagers, including detailed information about customers' personal information, deposits and withdrawals. Filtered data from an ElasticSearch server that has… Continue Reading →

Google fined £ 44m record by the French data protection watchdog

The French Data Protection Watchdog, CNIL, has imposed a record of € 50 million (£ 44 million) on Google for failing to provide transparent and understandable information to users on data usage policies. For the first time, the company received… Continue Reading →

What Never Was is a dark and mysterious adventure that leaves you wanting more

It can be difficult to find the time to complete a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week. In our biweekly column Short game, we suggest video games that can be started and ended a… Continue Reading →

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