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Facebook official leaves the post after being "harassed" for his views on diversity

On January 11, Sophie Alpert, a Facebook technical manager who ran a major open source project called React, announced on Twitter: "Today is my last day on Facebook". In the tweet, which received 3,600 "likes" and sparked 247 comments, Alpert… Continue Reading →

Robotic caterers and an automated greenhouse: Inside a small high-tech farm

BULGER, Pennsylvania – About 150 Jersey cows in the hilly terrain of Rivendale Farms in Bulger, about 40 km west of Pittsburgh, wear Fitbit-shaped necklaces that monitor their movements, feeding and rumination. They are not treated by humans but by… Continue Reading →

Upsolve, backed by YC, automates bankruptcy for all

The popular image of a bankruptcy under Chapter 7 could be a large company like Enron Bankrupt, or perhaps a lazy tramp who tries to evade his financial responsibilities. The reality is anything but these kinds of images. Nowadays in… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook calls on Congress to enact privacy legislation and the FTC to create a "data exchange center," allowing users to track and control their data.

In 2019, it is time to defend the right to privacy – yours, mine, ours. Consumers should not have to tolerate for an additional year companies that irresponsibly accumulate huge user profiles, seemingly out of control data breaches and the… Continue Reading →

Electric vehicles in the limelight at the Detroit Auto Show 2019

"Now I can park in the street and charge, and anyone in the neighborhood who has a Tesla can do it too," Torrella said. Charging time is another problem. Even Tesla Superchargers need 40 minutes to provide 80% charge. Going… Continue Reading →

Fortnite had a security vulnerability that allowed hackers to support accounts

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability that hackers could use to support Fortnite accounts. Epic Games Beware, all the epic Fortnite players: your accounts were in great danger. Check Point security researchers discovered vulnerabilities with the Epic Games website, which… Continue Reading →

Facebook deletes 471 pages and Facebook accounts, as well as 41 Instagram accounts, for coordinated inauthentic behavior hailing from Russia

By Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Cyber ​​Security Policy Today, we have removed several pages, groups and accounts with unauthentic behavior coordinated on Facebook and Instagram. The two operations we found came from Russia. One was active in several countries, while… Continue Reading →

A popular WordPress plugin has leaked access tokens capable of hijacking Twitter accounts

A popular WordPress plugin, installed on thousands of websites to help users share content on social media sites, left the linked Twitter accounts exposed to compromise. The plugin, Social Network Tabs, stored the so-called access tokens in the source code… Continue Reading →

An egg, just an ordinary egg, is the most appreciated post by Instagram

Do not expect the following to make sense. But on Sunday night, a photo of an egg, orange and slightly freckled, canceled the announcement of Kylie Jenner's birth as the most popular publication on Instagram. Monday, he had doubled the… Continue Reading →

The bottom of Ford's sweaty robot can simulate 10 years of seat use in just a few days

In dozens of research labs around the world, engineers and roboticists are working on building an ultra-detailed and comprehensive humanoid robot. But they do not build every single part themselves. Some researchers are working on the development of robot muscles… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook pens about privacy rules

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has gone through the pages of Time magazine to advocate for comprehensive digital privacy legislation: Comprehensive and relevant federal privacy legislation should not only aim to give consumers control of their data, it should also… Continue Reading →

Old whale baby skull crushed by a whale 50 feet long for dinner

<img src = " -whale-skeleton-NO-REUSE.jpg? ve = 1 & tl = 1? ve = 1 & tl = 1 "alt =" Here, another fossilized skeleton of a B. isis Wadi Al Hitan Whale (Valley of Whales) of Egpyt. "/> Here… Continue Reading →

IOS 12.1 Features: How to further secure your iPhone

Do you know that you feel uncomfortable when you put your phone back to someone else so that he can see something? Maybe you wanted to show them a video on YouTube or some pictures you took of something fun… Continue Reading →

SuperData: Digit generated by digital games reached $ 110.7 billion in 2018, up 11% year-over-year, with mobile recording $ 61.6 billion; Fortnite was the best free game, with a $ 2.4 billion gain.

Digital games and interactive media grew 13% to $ 119.6 billion in 2018, thanks in part to Epic Games' Fortnite, which generated $ 2.4 billion this year, according to the study SuperData, a division of Nielsen. Global digital games are… Continue Reading →

Comment on TaoTronics Bluetooth headset TT-BH060: Affordable noise suppression, but the sound lacks spark

If you want to hide unwanted noises in the air or in other noisy environments so you can focus on music, the normal headphones will not cut you off. You often have to turn up the volume so hard that… Continue Reading →

New Fortnite vulnerabilities put user privacy at risk

Researchers from security firm Check Point have discovered vulnerabilities in the Fortnite online game, which would allow attackers to intercept and steal login information from Fortnite users without being aware of the theft. The attack handles the connection process of… Continue Reading →

Outdoorsy, which is developing a platform to connect underused recreational vehicles to users, raises $ 50 million in Series C led by Greenspring Associates, following a $ 25 million Series B in February 2018

Outdoorsy built for the road ahead. The company, which has been around for three years and connects customers with underutilized RVs and other trucks big enough to spend the night, has raised $ 50 million in Series C funding under… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook: It's time to end the dark world of data brokers

Cook's initiative to open a public debate on the dark world of data brokers and the increase of data protection policies for Americans will undoubtedly be applauded by civil liberties unions and privacy advocates . However, his initiative will not… Continue Reading →

Cooler Master CK552: A fantastic economy keyboard with RGB backlight

The prices of mechanical keyboards keep decreasing. The last miracle agreement? The Cooler Master CK552, a fully backlit mechanical RGB detail keyboard costs just $ 90 – and often on sale for a much lower price. It's even more affordable… Continue Reading →

Epic's Fortnite fail: an old UT2004 server used for validation of the concept of connection theft

Crafty infosec bods exploited the XSS vulnerabilities in the dusty corners of Epic Games 'web infrastructure to steal Fortnite players' login tokens and compromise their accounts – using a real URL Epic Games to boost their brands. Infosec biz Check… Continue Reading →

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