The new spiders bear the name of Stormtroopers' Star Wars & # 39;


The white-armed Stormtroopers in "Star Wars" movies are virtually identical and almost indistinguishable. This strange similarity has recently inspired a team of scientists who have discovered a new kind of spider; the arachnids were so similar in size and marking that the researchers named them after the helmeted troops calling the creatures Stormtropis.

The eight-legged Stormtroopers belong to a family called bald-legged spiders, native to South America and Central America.

Like the Stormtroopers, spiders "look very much alike, with some camouflage ability"; According to this study, sci-fi soldiers and new spiders are alike. However, nothing proves (for the moment) that spiders, just like their movie counterparts, are terrible when they hit moving targets with a blaster. [9 Animals with ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Names]

The Stormtroopers are a common sight in the conquered worlds of the Empire in the "Star Wars" universe, and the bald-headed spiders of Colombia have been surprisingly numerous. Although arachnids have never been reported in this country before, the authors of the study described two species belonging to two previously known genera – paratropis, Anisaspis – and four in the new Stormtropis kind. All newly described species were dispersed in a wide range of habitats in Colombia.

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Male Stormtropis spiders have only two claws on their feet, while other bald-legged spiders have three. Stormtropis males also do not have the leg spines of the group and have longer elongated genitals. Female Stormtropis The genitals of spiders have a tubular "neck" and a general mushroom shape, which also differs from the typical form of bald-legged spiders.

Some of the new spiders have unexpectedly demonstrated previously unknown behavior: digging burrows in the ground, the researchers reported.

A Stormtropis species – S. muisca – was collected in the central Andes at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level, making this creature the highest bald-headed spider species confirmed to date, have written authors.

however, S. the muisca cousins ​​can live even higher than that. Scientists have collected evidence of other species of bald-legged spiders living at altitudes up to 4,000 m, but these data have not yet been released, according to the study.

The results were published online today (March 14) in the journal ZooKeys.

Originally published on Science live.