Twitter confirms a new feature & # 39; Subscribe to conversation & # 39; for following interesting tweets


In addition to testing a new format for conversations in a prototype app called twttr and other functions such as a "Hide Tweet" button, Twitter today confirmed that it is also developing a function that allows users to subscribe to individual conversations taking place on their platform .

The new option was first noticed by Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer who often peeks into popular apps to discover their functions and changes yet to be launched.

Wong tells TechCrunch that she has found the "Subscribe to a conversation" feature in the Android version of the Twitter app, where it is now a prototype of a user interface. The button simply reads "Subscribe to Conversation" and is in the top right corner of a tweet view, she says.

Twitter did not comment on specific launch plans. It noted that the function was still under development and pointed to TechCrunch to confirm his tweet this one. The company's short statement reads: "This is part of our work to make Twitter more casual."

Healthier and better structured conversations are currently among the top goals of Twitter because the company is trying to make the app more user-friendly and less susceptible to abuse.

With the new subscription function, someone can go through a common thread without directly showing his or her interest, or to participate in the conversation themselves. With one click on the button, users could choose to receive notifications when new tweets were added to that conversation.

To some extent, this feature is another example of how the transition from stars to hearts like Twitter & # 39; s favorite mechanism has had a ripple effect on the development of Twitter. The star had shown interest but had not conveyed any emotion. Twitter wanted to evoke a more positive atmosphere, so it shifted to hearts a few years ago. But as a result, people felt they could no longer save tweets they wanted to check later using the standard payment mechanism, as this indicates approval. (And not all tweets that you save are those that you support.)

Twitter later tackled this problem with a separate tweet-saving feature, Bookmarks.

Now it is creating yet another way to follow tweets – and in this case also the resulting conversation.

If Twitter had kept stars, it could have expanded its "like-it-yourself-page" with all these variations on tweet-saving and more. Notifications for notifications may have been added and who knows what else is there: search by keywords in all your saved data? create bookmarks with tags? private and public signs or collections, such as Moments, but made up of collections with a bookmark?

Merging these functions in one place could make Twitter a valuable reference and "Read it later" tool to compete with apps such as Pocket and Instapaper – or even web browser bookmarks themselves.

But that is not the path that Twitter has followed, so now we will love (hearts), bookmarks, and it seems like call subscriptions.

Twitter refused to say when the new feature would arrive.

Update: 03/15/19, 5:00 PM ET to clarify that the Twitter spokesperson immediately confirmed the development of the feature, as well as the tweet the company posted.