This intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is at a very good price


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There is nothing as enthusiastic as a good sale of robotic vacuums, and there is one today. you do not want to miss. Ecovacs manufactures a smart vacuum cleaner robot called Deebot N79S, which works just as well with a smartphone app as it does with Alexa and Google Home. But that's not the only thing that makes it special.

Unlike other intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, the price of Deebot is well below average, without sacrificing quality. This is why it is among the best vacuum cleaners of intelligent robots. It usually sells for $ 230 and $ 180 on Amazon. But until March 24, you can save $ 40 more by entering the code "ECOVACSN79S"(so hard to remember that one!) at checkout.The lowest price we saw otherwise was about $ 150, but we have not seen an interesting price cut yet. on this model this year.

The N70S is not the better affordable model that we tested – this title belongs to the RoboVac 11c eufy ($ 299.99 on Amazon) – but he already wore this crown because it was cleaning well and providing functional control (though simple) of a smartphone and a smart assistant. The only reason he was dethroned is that he does not have as many bells and whistles. You can not tell where he can or can not go, and he has struggled with furniture with big hair and low clearance under furniture.

Considering that the N79S accounts for almost half the cost of eufy 11c at the present time, we see no reason not to test the benefits of smart cleaning products at home.

Get the Deebot N79S Intelligent Vacuum Cleaning Robot from Ecot for $ 159.99 with the code "ECOVACSN79S"

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