The 10 best places to buy plants online


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Everyone loves plants, right? They cool the air, are pretty, and give us a little sense of responsibility. The only problem is finding the time (or the right place) to go out and take a ficus or fern.

Whether you want to fill your home with pleasant indoor plants or to replace your shrubs in your garden, you do not have to leave your home to buy plants. There are many online resources that will send you a succulent or a perennial to your door.

Unlike brick and mortar shops, you do not have the added benefit of having a green thumb to answer your questions in-person when shopping online. But you have the convenience. Although some of these sites offer additional information on care and seasonality, it is probably best to do some research before buying.

For your garden or window, here are the 10 best places to buy plants online.

1. Amazon

You can get anything on Amazon and, yes, that includes plants. Amazon Plant Store offers everything from succulents to shrubs, and even sells a ton of hard-to-kill plants for us, the black thumbs. Bonus: Some of these plants are available on Amazon Prime, which means you can improve your game of greenery quickly.

Get the Costa Farms Ficus Lyrata Live on Amazon for $ 89.16

Amazon Store

2. ground

Although I recommend going to a Land Store for its superb store design and delicious coffee, you can buy some of their elegant plants online. Although some plants are only sold in-store, you can order indoor plants like aloe or seasonal tulips in addition to some outdoor furniture and decorations, and have them shipped in two days. Everything they sell has a quaint vibe, but it's the most expensive side, it's the Anthropology Plant Store, after all.

Get the succulent garden for $ 78

Shop the field plants

3. The sill

Offering plants starting at $ 5, you can shop at The Sill in a variety of categories such as low lighting and pets. If you have concerns about online ordering of plants, there is a 30-day return policy for cases where you and your friend do not really work anymore and for free shipping costs starting at $ 75. They also have a plant parents club where you can access plant care articles and online workshops, free standard delivery and a 10% discount on all online orders.

Get the Philodendron Silver at The Sill for $ 6

Shop The Sill plants

4. Floom

Not only does it have a weird name, but Floom also sells unique plants and bouquets from local stores in your area. These plants are more expensive, but plant lovers will appreciate a smaller and better organized selection, as well as simple maintenance tips included in the description of each plant. Note: Since these plants come from local sources, it is possible that they are not yet available at your home.

Get the White Phalaenopsis at Floom for $ 125

Shop Floom Plants

5. Bouqs

Bouqs may be the place where you order flowers for Mother's Day, but it also offers a great selection of plants for your home. Their selection may be small (currently there are only 10 plants to choose from), but you can rest assured that these plants come directly from environmentally sustainable farmers and that they support them in turn.

Get the Skylar Zebrina Factory in Bouqs for $ 65

Shop Bouqs' plants

6. Bloomscape

Bloomscape allows you to have potted plants delivered directly to your door. When choosing a new plant companion, you can choose the size, difficulty, light level, respect for the environment and the air filter to find the ideal plant for your green thumb level. Do you have questions about plant care? Bloomscape "Plant Mom" ​​will respond by email, Facebook and Twitter.

Get the Salon Palm at Bloomscape for $ 65

Shop Bloomscape plants

7. Nature Hills Nursery

This online "neighborhood nursery" will ship a wide variety of trees, fruits, perennials, grasses and roses throughout the country. Although they mainly sell outdoor and garden plants, you can also buy ferns to put in your home or some bulbs to grow as indoor plants if you are ready to meet the challenge. . When your factory bonus arrives, she will provide you with planting, maintenance and storage instructions. You will know exactly how to start your green thumb.

Get the dark purple Bloomerang lilac at Nature Hills Nursery for $ 39.95

Shop at Nature Hills Nurseries


Walmart's online store,, not only ships pantry items to your door, but also offers an amazing selection of herbs. You can get seeds, garden flowers, shrubs and even affordable indoor plants. Plus, if you order over $ 35, you get free shipping, which makes it easy to work within the limits of a budget.

Get the cream and green jade mini plant at Jet at $ 27.99

Shop Factories

9. Home Depot

If you do not want to go to Home Depot, you can always ship the same plants right to your door. The online version of their in-store garden center is quite impressive and contains a variety of flowers and landscaping plants, as well as the tools you will need to maintain them. Whether you choose to shop here or not, you can still take advantage of online tools like a mulch calculator.

Get the Gemini Hybrid Tea Rose at Home Depot for $ 29.98

Shop Home Depot Factories

10. Burpee

Starting with a seed catalog, you can now order seeds and plants online from Burpee. The plant store is more for gardeners, but (thankfully) they have plants for all skill levels. Experts can get their hands dirty with unique ancient tomato seeds, while beginners can start with a collection of starter herbs. Plants are also shipped at the right time of growth for the "area" in which you live, which forces you to guess how to garden.

Get the SuperSauce Hybrid Tomato Plant at Burpee for $ 18.99

Shop Burpee Plants

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