Discord says that it will now allow developers to sell their games directly to their Discord server and use Discord to run alphas tests, beta versions, and early access tests.


Discord is a social network. Although the platform has a store and a subscription service, it recognizes that most people go there for communications. But now, the chat / voice service, which raised $ 150 million in December, adds trade options where they make sense: game communities owned by developers and publishers.

Discord added verified servers in October 2017. These are official game channels that Discord veterinarians ensure that they belong to the real developers. This gives players a way to deepen their relationship with a fan community or to directly contact a team of developers. And now, Discord strengthens verified servers with the store and information channels.

The news channel allows developers to send news updates to fan activity feeds. Each Discord user has a flow of activities that tells him what his friends are doing and what's going on in a game. Now, developers will have more control over the messaging on that screen.

But the biggest change is the store channel. Instead of forcing customers to click and browse a completely different store catalog, developers can sell their game directly to their Discord server. This will reduce a lot of friction – especially for microtransactions or downloadable content. So, no, when a studio has something new to sell, it can help its biggest fans easily navigate this process.

"Discord is the meeting place for gambling communities," Eros Resmini, marketing director of Discord, told GamesBeat. "When we launched the beta showcase last October, we wanted to experiment with trading on our platform. What we have learned is that players want content but want it where they spend their time: on the Discord servers they like. With this change, developers now have the opportunity to take ownership of the business for the lifecycle of their games, from alpha and beta preboot to in-app purchases, all in their own server community. checked. "

Discord, the game laboratory

In November, Discord opened its advance access program for unfinished games. The platform is ideal for this strategy. The platform puts the developers and their players nearby. This facilitates the obtaining of comments and communication.

And Discord was so successful that he expanded his service to cover the entire life of a match.

Developers can now use Discord to perform closed alphas / beta operations, open beta, advance access sales, launch operations, and post-launch operations.

For closed alpha and beta groups, developers can create invitations or configure access for certain people on a server. Then, for open betas, studios can open a test for their entire community.

Once the game is ready for early access, verified developers can then open their store. This should then go to launch, then post-launch, where studios can sell additional content.

To participate in this action, developers simply need to start the verification process. And you can start to monetize your server as nature wants.