Fog horn systems: product overview and overview


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Today & # 39; hui: foghorn (flight intelligence software)

Description of the company: FogHorn is a leading edge software developer for IoT industrial and commercial applications solutions. FogHorn's software platform delivers advanced analytics and machine learning to the on-site edge environment, enabling a new class of applications for advanced monitoring and diagnostics, machine performance optimization, maintenance proactive and use cases for business intelligence. FogHorn's technology is ideal for OEMs, system integrators and end customers in the manufacturing, power, water, oil and gas, renewable energy, transportation and transportation sectors. , health, retail, smart grid, smart city, smart building and connected vehicles. applications.

Founded in 2014, FogHorn is based in Mountain View, California and is led by David C. King. FogHorn is privately funded with investors such as Intel Capital, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Honeywell Ventures, March Capital Partners, GE, Dell Capital Technologies, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Darling Ventures and The Hive.

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  • Energy, including oil and gas, electricity, water and renewable energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Smart cities
  • Mining
  • International operations: Saudi Arabia


    Lightning EdgeML: FogHorn's state-of-the-art intelligence platform offers lower energy consumption, predictive maintenance, increased security, increased occupant comfort and safety, and better use of building assets and services. . Smart Buildings can use FogHorn's state-of-the-art intelligence for more responsive automation while reducing bandwidth and latency costs.

    Main characteristics

    Lightning EdgeML optimizes machine learning by leveraging existing models and algorithms, making them accessible to the occupational therapist and operating in a tiny software footprint.

    Lightning EdgeML features:

  • Uses existing models and algorithmsWith Lightning EdgeML, industrial users can easily integrate and run proprietary algorithms and machine learning models on real-time data streams generated by physical assets and industrial control systems.
  • Makes machine learning accessible to occupational therapistsNon-technical staff can use FogHorn's tools to generate powerful machine learning information without having to rely on data scientists, either internally or third-party.
  • Works with a tiny software footprint: Lightning EdgeML enables complex machine learning models to run on high-demand computing devices, such as programmable controllers, Raspberry Pi systems, and tiny, robust IIoT gateways, as well as on servers and computers. more powerful industrialists.
  • Insight and analysis

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    List of current customers: DAIHEN, GE, Schindler

    Delivery: SaaS

    Price: Subscription

    Other key players in this market: GE. Honeywell, BOSCH, Google

    Contact information for potential customers: