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It is difficult to find a good hair dryer. Either it's at a good price but it takes an hour to actually dry your hair, either it's expensive but gives you a quality salon eruption. Fortunately, with a good sale, you can get a happy medium. The professional Pro Jeter dryer from Harry Josh Pro Tools 2000 is renowned for being the best hair dryer in the world, and you can get it at an amazing price.

Dermstore has a sale on all Harry Josh products at 25%, which means you can get the hair dryer, worth $ 250, for just over $ 185. It's the second lowest price we've seen on the Harry Josh Pro dryer and the first time it's on sale since the holidays.

We love this hair dryer because it's not just a fan favorite, but it actually gives you a salon-like eruption in the comfort of your own home – even if you're not an erupting expert. Of all the hair dryers we tested, this French-made model was the fastest (it only took 20 minutes!) And gave us the slimmest results. Our only complaint is the high price, which is why we are always so happy to see it on sale.

This Harry Josh sale is valid until Monday, March 25, but you can also pick it up in case it is out of stock later.

Get the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Proer 2000 Dryer at Dermstore for $ 186.75 (save $ 62.25)

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