Personal information of disabled workers will be centralized in the new NDIS database


Australians who have applied for a screening check for disabled workers will register their personal information in a new online database of national authorizations to improve the portability of their probity certificates.

The legislation that underlies the centralized database was presented to Parliament this week prior to the introduction of the system in July 2019, two years after the approval by the Australian Government Council (COAG) of the system. a consistent national approach to worker screening.

It will be a matter of creating a "database for uniform filtering of workers nationwide, with the aim of minimizing the risk of harm caused to persons with disabilities by those who work closely with them" .

Disabled workers should be subject to control under existing legislation to ensure that they do not pose a risk to persons with disabilities.

The creation of the database was approved by the states and territories last May, following the publication by the COAG Disability Reform Council, a new national approach to NDIS regulation.

This was followed by a $ 14.9 million investment in the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook (MYEFO), of which $ 13.6 million will be used to develop and maintain the database. States will contribute about half.

The framework should "provide and maintain up-to-date and accurate information on these controls", which, according to the government, will enable the 160,000 and over check checks of permanently disabled workers who are transferable across jurisdictions.

It may contain information on individuals related to "pending, current and past" job filtering decisions, including those who have been released, those who are no longer considered, and those who are prevented from working.

"Among the personal information that may be included in the database is information about the identity of those who have applied or made a decision about them under the NDIS Worker Screening Act", a statement of reasons for the change to NDIS (Selection of Workers). Database) specifies Bill 2019.

"This may include: name, date of birth, age, place of birth, address, telephone number, email address and other contact information, employment information, education, identification numbers and dates. expiration issued by the Government, as well as a worker control number assigned to this person. "

Information on a person's criminal history will be excluded from the database.

The database will be hosted and administered by the NDIS Quality and Assurance Commissioner, with states and territories continuing to carry out controls.

A number of entities are expected to have access to information, including state and territory screening units, NDIS suppliers and their subcontractors and the Department of Social Services, although it is varying levels of detail ".