Amazon invests in Rivian, a Tesla rival in electric vehicles


Rivian had already raised about $ 500 million from Sumitomo, a Japanese conglomerate known for its tire division, and Abdul Latif Jameel, a Saudi industrial group. These previous investors also took part in the new investment cycle, although the companies did not specify the amount of their investments.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Mr. Scaringe described the company's R1T pickup truck and its R1S, the U.V., as high-end vehicles that can be used for off-road adventures. They are intended to compete with motorists who buy Land Rovers and Porsche S.U.V. Rivian vehicles are expected to sell for $ 68,000 or more.

"It's a vehicle you can use," said Scaringe. "You can dirty it, but its design is very thoughtful and smart."

Both vehicles may be in direct competition with Tesla models. Tesla already offers a S.U.V., Model X, and works on a van and a smaller S.U.V. Rivian said it wants to sell about 20,000 vehicles by 2021 and double that number in 2022. Last year, Tesla sold about 245,000 cars.

Analysts said Rivian's success was by no means assured.

"They always face all the obstacles," said Karl Brauer, executive editor at Cox Automotive. "They have to produce the vehicles. They have to deliver the vehicles. Tesla has been around for a while, but it's still struggling to build a network of resellers and cope with high volume production. "

Rivian kept a low profile, especially compared to Tesla and his flamboyant executive director, Elon Musk. Until recently, to keep his operations secret, Rivian did not post his name on his buildings. While Mr. Scaringe has a Twitter accounthe posted only 87 tweets – a small fraction of Mr. Musk's contribution. nearly 7,000.

And while Tesla and Mr. Musk regularly make headlines, relatively little is known about Scaringe, who is 36 years old. He grew up near Melbourne, Florida; studied at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; and obtained a PhD in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.