Is the new Apex Legends game a threat to Fortnite?


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Apex Legends – a new Battle Royale game – has had more than 2 million simultaneous players and over 25 million downloads during its first week.

The game, released in early February, has a story similar to Fortnite.

But the new version of Apex has taken the video game world by storm, causing people to wonder if it would be a threat.

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation and Xbox – and like Fortnite, its download is free.

Some are shocked by the speed with which Apex grows.

Although Fortnite now has more than 200 million players, Apex Legends seems to grow much faster in its early stages.

Fortnite was released in July 2017.

In its first two weeks, only 10 million players had played it.

Newsbeat spoke with American game experts who played at once.

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Javy Gwaltney


Javy Gwaltney, 29 years old (right)

Javy Gwaltney is Associate Publisher of Game Informer in Minnesota.

He thinks that Apex Legends is an excellent game but is not convinced that it will be as successful as expected.

"It just does not have the potential to reach that level of appeal in a way that does not really have to do with the mechanics of the game itself.

"They have to learn, in an extremely short time, to give players the reasons to come back again and again outside of the main playing field.

"It means doing more than just dropping skins and cosmetics into the game."

Skins are a range of costumes that can be used to customize aspects of your character and your gaming experience.

They can be purchased with the currency in play V-Bucks.

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Javy Gwaltney


Javy often writes recently published game reviews for Game Informer.

Aged 29, Apex Legends has done so well because of the hype around the concept of the royal battle.

Despite this, Javy does not think that Apex represents so much threat to Fortnite.

"The problem is not" Apex Legends is not as good as Fortnite "- but Fortnite was at the right time and in the right place while nothing else was there. 39; was.

"Epic (games) wisely built on that in a way that has been massively beneficial to them.

"You can not replicate that kind of success by creating an even better game."

For Javy, the most interesting question is whether Apex Legends can impose a considerable audience.

"Of course, the game has 25 million people who have played it, but these numbers are falling all the time."

However, Javy would always choose Apex Legends rather than Fortnite, which allowed him to shoot.

"The fight is fantastic, movement, rifle, sound, everything is superb.

"The filming at Fortnite is bad, it's really bad."

Cade Onder is the editor of GameZone.

Aged 18 and originally from Iowa in the United States, Apex Legends is a completely different experience than Fortnite.

"Apex has 60 players and you are forced to form a team of three.

"Fortnite has 100 players and you can play solo, duet or team of 4. Apex is the first person, Fortnite is the third person"

Similar to Javy, Cade thinks Apex's game gives him an edge.

"Communicate with players without a helmet, automatically transfer attachments to the new guns you are taking, and more.

"It eliminates a large amount of garbage and corrects problems that spoil other royal battle games.

"Apex has a much better shooting mechanics, a lot nicer.

"If Apex Legends can find a way to raise the bar and keep the engagement alive, it could at least confront Fortnite."

But what do the current Apex players think?

Josh, a Birmingham-based YouTuber who bears the name Frenzee, says it's too early to decide whether Apex will pose a long-term threat to Fortnite.

"But with the way it was launched, already touching 25 million players and over a million simultaneous players, I think Fortnite is a little scared.

"If the Apex developers have a solid track record and keep things cool, I think it could continue to take on the kind of royal battle."

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Jason Wyllie


Jason Wyllie, 23 years old

Jason Wyllie, 23, a Twitch native from Scotland, says Apex can be enjoyed by casual and hardcore first-person shooters.

"The game has a high skill ceiling – but a low threshold for beginners – which means that new players have a better gaming experience (than Fortnite)."

But Jason, also known as Jaspers, believes that Apex might not pose a threat to Fortnite because of the high popularity gained.

"Fortnite is such a unique game that it will always have a grassroots group that plays the game and is aimed at younger generations as well as older generations."

However, when asked to choose between the two, Apex Legends still took the cookie.

"The big disadvantage of Fortnite is that it is team play, individual skill and shooter skill.

"Fortnite has an extra building skill that I'm not a fan of, I prefer face-to-face combat where your goal is to win the fight."

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