The biggest concern of many Democrats is the potential damage caused by the merger to consumers. Regulators under the Obama administration have insisted that the country needed four major mobile operators in the country to prevent prices from rising too quickly and to put pressure on operators to deployment of better and faster services. They have frequently cited T-Mobile's innovative agreements with consumers to demonstrate that it offers advantageous competition to the two largest mobile operators, Verizon and AT & T.

"We need to understand how the merger of two of the four largest mobile operators will affect consumer prices, American workers and competition," said New Jersey representative Frank Pallone Jr., chairman of the Democratic Party of Canada. energy and trade in a statement. . "We also want to make sure the CF.C. gives priority to consumers as it checks whether this merger is in the public interest. "

The regulators appointed by Mr. Trump, as well as Republican lawmakers, have not adopted a similar position. The president has made the advancement of wireless technology 5G, the next generation of mobile broadband networks, a national priority. He pointed out that China's 5G advance poses a threat to national security, as the technology will be used to power advanced robotics and technologies such as driverless cars.

T-Mobile and Sprint presented their merger as a way for the United States to advance 5G technology, especially in rural areas not served by cable. They say that by combining their resources, they will be able to invest more quickly in the latest wireless technologies and bring them to market more quickly.

Since the announcement of the transaction last year, the companies have been trying to sell it to the Washington authorities with an aggressive charm offensive. Mr. Legere has made many visits to the FCC. and the Department of Justice over the past year and has documented many of his social media visits. A month after the announcement of the merger, Sprint's Mr. Claure co-organized the organization of a fundraiser for representative Marsha Blackburn, a prominent Republican legislator from Tennessee coming to the Senate , which has long been supportive of issues favorable to the telecommunications sector. She won her election in November.

More recently, T-Mobile hired Mignon Clyburn, a former Democrat Democrat. Commissioner, as adviser to his case. Ms. Clyburn, a strong advocate for low-income communities, criticized the lack of competition in the wireless sector. The company also relies on Robert McDowell, a former BC Republican. Commissioner, as a consultant for the transaction.

Democratic legislators focused on the dozens of bookings made by company executives at Trump International Hotel during the regulatory review. Last month, Mr. Legere spent two nights at the hotel in a room for $ 2,246 a night.