Meanwhile, Consumer Reports' own assessment of the Model 3 notes that the car is nice. "Our testers found the Model 3 was fun to drive, thanks to the excellent handling and direct thrust of the electric motor," Consumer Reports writes in his assessment of the Model 3. Although the group also ranks the Model 3 behind the Audi A4 at its own general ranking of luxury compact cars, noting that the "distracting controls of the Model 3" [and] overly rigid ride "counted against the car's score.

Tesla started manufacturing the Model 3 in 2017 and is intended as the first electric car of the Tesla mass market with a base price of $ 35,000. Meanwhile, the more expensive version of the Model 3, which has a long-range battery and costs at least $ 45,000, is the best-selling luxury vehicle of 2018.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously commented on the popularity of the Model 3 with car owners during the company's earnings demand in the fourth quarter, after the Model 3 was named the electric vehicle with the best trade-in value of Kelley Blue Book. "The customer friendliness level with the [Model 3] It's incredible and, I think, probably the highest of all cars in the world, "said Musk last month about the earnings call.

In the past Musk seemed to pay a lot of attention to reviews of consumer reports. Last year, the billionaire-CEO reacted to some negative feedback from the group (which negatively assessed the braking performance of the Model 3) by promising on Twitter to fix the problem with an external firmware update.


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