A new entertainment service, unidentified and announced for a long time by Apple, could make its debut in April, reports CNBC, citing people close to the file.

Apple is scheduled to host an event on March 25 at its Cupertino campus, where it could feature entertainment service, a new magazine subscription app, and an update to its AirPods wireless headphones.

Apple, which has experienced a decline in iPhone sales, seeks to bridge the difference.

"I know they're eager to do it," said Gene Munster, an investor and analyst at Loup Ventures. "Even though they're not quite ready, they could still pitch with just a handful of shows, and then come out more in the summer."

Apple would have hit the cream of the cream of Hollywood talent for service, including director Steven Spielberg for a remake of his 1980s NBC series Amazing stories, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in a drama based on a morning television operation, Oprah Winfrey documentaries and a sitcom by Kristen Wig.

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Munster thinks that Apple will offer this service for free for the first three months, in the form of an application, such as iTunes, available on iPhone, iPad, computer and via the Apple TV decoder before starting to charge. His prediction: $ 3 per month if bundled with the current Apple Music offering at $ 9.99, or $ 6.99 as a standalone product.

It's much cheaper than Netflix, the industry leader, who charges $ 11.99 for its most popular fare, but Apple will have a very small library in comparison. CBS, which also debuted with a smaller library for its original All Access offer (new Star Trekand a sequel to the good wife) and library titles like Perry Mason and Cheers, bill $ 5.99 per month with ads or $ 9.99 without ads.

Apple's track record of entertainment is not great. He debuted two new series in 2017, the large pan Planet apps reality TV show in 2017 and an extended version of CBS late-night comedy bit Carpool Karaoke. He also debuted in 2017 with five episodes, but has not been heard since.

In its latest earnings report, Apple announced a decline in iPhone sales, down 15 percent for the holiday quarter, but a burgeoning business for its services, which includes iCloud online storage, Apple Music and iTunes movie rentals. The company said revenue from Services increased $ 10.9 billion, or 19%, from a year earlier.

We asked Apple to comment, but we did not receive a response.

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