Someone remembers blogs?

Many years before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter became the main points of sharing, users had to visit sites such as Open Diary, Blogger and LiveJournal to publish their thoughts for the world.

But over time, social media became the means by which people shared stories that reflected their politics, displayed images of loved ones, and sent messages of frustration or exultation.

Medium, the online open platform and publisher, is a blog-type platform that has persisted and innovated in the era of social media. With 90 million unique visitors per month, it remains a destination of choice for open letters, petitions and personal essays. But it does not arouse such frantic reactions as Thursday night.

That's when Jeff Bezos, managing director of Amazon's billionaire, went on the website to accuse American Media Inc., the parent company of The National Enquirer. , "Extortion and blackmail". The title of the article was "No thanks, sir. Pecker, "a reference to David J. Pecker, president of American Media.

The message became viral, and Medium quickly found itself in the middle of a major news story.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Medium said the site did not know that Mr Bezos was going to publish the message.

"We do not actively monitor the specific and non-public details and actions of these accounts (or any other account) by respect for and respect for their individual privileges," spokeswoman Sandee Roston said in a statement sent by email.

The ability to publish for a unbranded platform has made Medium, founded by Ev Williams in 2012, an attractive destination for a number of renowned media personalities and CEOs.

Katie Couric used Medium to promote interviews and philanthropic partnerships. Joanna Coles, former content manager of Hearst Magazines, used this platform to describe her experience as a working mother.

In 2015, Jay Carney, senior vice president of global business at Amazon, challenged an article in the Grouvy Today about Amazon's work culture in an article on Medium. Dean Baquet, editor of The Times, responded on the platform by defending The Times reports.

Medium can be attractive because it is not filtered, and messages posted can be as long as the writer wants. For Mr. Bezos, it was about 2,100 words.

"When people have something to say, they go to Medium, where they can say it in detail," spokeswoman Roston said in a statement. "We make publishing easier for users. it's clean and well-designed, and there's no advertising. "