Apple CEO Tim Cook took part in an interview with NPR on Monday and discussed the continuing trade tensions between the US and China, while the lowered iPhone prices in Greater China were also addressed.

Asked about lowering iPhone prices in China to better reflect the US pricing models, Cook responded with a simple "We'll see how that works for us".

The United States and China have until 1 March to reach an agreement on intellectual property rights between various other cases before the Trump administration applies potentially harmful 25% import tariffs – a killer rising from the current 10%. Any response from China would certainly penalize Apple if no agreement is reached.

Cook talked about the ongoing negotiations by drawing attention to the ongoing communication between the two countries, as the CEO will travel to Beijing this week for a meeting with local officials.

Both parties talk and I always think that is always the most important thing to reach an agreement. It is in the interest of both parties to come together.

Asked about the price reductions of the iPhone, Cook accused the turnover of a devalued yuan as follows:

Because the local currency has devalued over the course of the year, our prices have increased there, more than in regions registered in the US dollar.

And in response to his recognition, Apple lowered prices to fall back in line with how they were before the currency devaluation, Cook said simply:

We will see how that works for us.

The CEO also took the time to talk about Apple's recent Health partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, allowing veterinarians to view their medical history digitally.

This is part of our overall effort to really empower the patient. We can not wait to serve … a people's population that we really have great respect for.

Cook's most recent interview with Monday's NPR talk was with CNBC from early January, when the CEO teased a new service from the company in 2019, while he also stated that health is Apple's biggest contribution to humanity .

What do you think of Tim Cook's most recent words regarding the price falls for China and iPhone? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!

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