Well, they were a few days late for groundhog day, but Bill Murray's movie marmot day becomes a sequel. The weird part? It is actually virtual and is developed by Tequila Works.

This news, along with free copies of Axiom Verge, the triumphal return of Kabal in Deadly fight, Creative Assembly frees itself again from strategy games, a Sekiro history trailer, Two point hospital gets a revision of the interiors, and more. This is the game's news from February 4th to 8th.


Looking for this week's free game rations? His Axiom Verge, a Metroidgame style from a few years. Super sci-fi look, great soundtrack, and it's a lot of fun to start. This is part of the "please, use our showcase" promotional gift from Epic. You will need to create an Epic account to enjoy it. Assuming you're ok? It's up to you to keep it forever.

The story of Sekiro

I was already looking forward to Sekiro: the shadows are dying twicebut I think this new story-centric trailer has piqued my interest even more. Why? Because it seems like we're getting a From Software game with a real story. Which does not mean the souls the games did not have any stories. They did it! But all three were told in pieces, in the dark cinematics and in the environments themselves. This week Sekiro The trailer tells me more about his characters and his story than I think I learned from the entirety of the original. Dark souls, and I can not wait.

A prettier room waiting

Two point hospital is a fantastic game, but my biggest problem at the exit? Each hospital was similar. It was great for the management because you could see at a glance what each piece was, but not very inspiring for the builders. This will change this week though, as Two point hospitalThe new "Interior Designer" update lets you add walls, floors, carpets, and custom images to the game – or catch other people's drawings in Steam Workshop.

Get ready for … Titanfall?

I'm sure you now know that Respawn has launched a video game by surprise this week. titled Apex LegendsThe battle of Respawn Battle Royale was launched Monday after a weekend full of leaks, and has already gathered many players …10 millions in the first three days only. Pretty impressive, even if the game is free.

But there has also been an underlying current of will-they-will-not-will-they not want this week regarding Fall of the Titans. First of all, there was a murmur about Apex Legends was not Titanfall 3. Then Eurogamer published an article saying that Titanfall 3 is not under development. But wait, there is more! After this hubbub, Vince Zampella tweeted Respawn. is working on more Fall of the Titans for 2019 but maybe not Titanfall 3. I'm going to speculate that the result of the long-awaited partnership between Respawn and Oculus is a VR mech game in Fall of the Titans universe, but we'll see.

Deja Vive

Respawn is not the only one to have announced this week a surprise game. Tequila Works, developer of the flat screen flender Sexy Brutale and VR time-bender Invisible hoursfinally applies this know-how to a major license with Groundhog Day: Father like son. Yes, it's a sequel / virtual reality of Bill Murray's movie. No, I do not know how it happened. Yes, I am excited. Check out the first trailer below.

For Loki

Oculus launched Anger of Asgard for me this week, claiming it was the experience of the big budget RV that everyone was waiting for. Personally, I'm not sold yet, but this trailer is rather impressive. At the same time god, hack-and-slash, I admit that it has potential, even if this trailer does not give me a good idea of ​​its game. For that, it will be necessary to wait for GDC, according to this that I've heard.

Alien: Isolation of spirit

I continue to deplore the fact that there is no Alien: Isolation a sequel on the horizon, but presumably some of the developers who worked there are still at Creative Assembly – and may soon propose a new game. Our only real clue? A tweet from Creative Assembly say that District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp stopped "for a behind-the-scenes look at the development of our all-new IP FPS." More details, but enough to get my attention.

K for Kabal

Kabal was one of the most disappointing parts of Mortal Kombat X. After dying IX, he presented himself briefly in X to … do nothing, basically. He was just one of Quan Chi's hustlers, not even a playable character. But Mortal Kombat 11 plays fast with deadlines, which includes resurrection or at least restoration of Kabal. The horror was announced this week in the list of players, with a glance on his movements and a new fatality.

The last stop for the metro

Metro Exodus will be the last trailer you'll have to watch before it's in your hands. It's rather exciting, huh? I mean, unless you oppose Epic Games Store, in which case I guess you have another year full of trailers in front of you.

Not here, though. It's the last one, I swear.

1776 to 2019

Assassin's Creed III is the worst of Assassins Creeds and I will maintain this opinion forever. You may remember that Ubisoft had announced a remastering last year and had also sold it as part of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Season pass. Well, if you look forward to replaying Connor's story of adventure, good news: its release is scheduled for March 29 and you can preview the slightly improved graphics in the video below. the animations seem rough compared to modern standards.

Shaking hands

Finally, good news from the business world. For years, The witcher Author Andrzej Sapkowski did not hide his secret, he hates the adaptations of CD Projekt's video game, in large part because he sold the rights for a lump sum (ie without royalties) and he's sorry that The witcher games took off and he saw no return from them. This culminated last year with the continuation of CD Projekt for millions of dollars. At that time, CD Projekt essentially told him to get lost.

But the tone is softened this week. Puls Biznesu reports (via WCCFTech) that CD Projekt and Sapkowski are about to solve the problem, CD Projekt being willing to pay Sapkowski an undisclosed amount. Congratulations to them for doing good.

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