Hong Kong

What he does: Creates a system that allows companies to send and collect money abroad

San Francisco

An online pharmacy

San Francisco

Creates analytical tools that help businesses manage their digital activities


Does talent management and measurement tools

[[[[The next wave of unicorns will be very different from the previous generation.]

San Francisco

Manufactures software for researchers and life sciences companies

New York

Provides cybersecurity for cloud software vendors

San Francisco

Creates mortgage and consumer loan application software for lenders

New York

Made a mobile marketing software

Leawood, Kan.

A financial services platform offering businesses access to working capital

Jaipur, India

Offers online sales, financing and insurance for vehicles and educational services

São Paulo, Brazil

A Brazilian start-up that uses technology to improve the efficiency of trucking companies

San Francisco

Provides equity management services to investors, founders and employees

San Francisco

Provides background checks on workers


A map, a transit and navigation app for cities


Creates software for tax filing and investment management


Creates software for digital content

Bangalore, India

A news and entertainment app

Sunnyvale, California

A cloud storage provider

Palo Alto, California

Does mapping technology for autonomous vehicles

Sydney, Australia

Creates software that allows companies to manage schedules and timesheets for staff

San Francisco

Creates software to manage data

Palo Alto, California

A short-term loan provider

San Francisco

Made semi-trucks self-driving

San Francisco

Provides large organizations with the security of Internet-connected devices

San Francisco

A wholesale market for shops and small sellers

San Carlos, California

An online platform for farmers to share and analyze data, buy supplies and sell crops


Payment software for global transactions

San Francisco

Create email collaboration software

New York

Manufactures care and beauty products

Mexico and São Paulo, Brazil

Bicycle and scooter services without a dock

San Francisco

Find and fix software vulnerabilities

Stockholm, Sweden

Provides services to patients to consult physicians via mobile devices

Washington and San Francisco

Provides mapping technology

Oakland, California

Provides a payment infrastructure for the issuance of physical, virtual or token payment cards


Make oncology systems

Guangzhou, China

Build online communication between doctors and patients

Cambridge, Mass.

Creation of cloud-based design tools for manufacturing


Provides a sales engagement platform

Bangalore, India

Connect patients to health care providers with the help of technology

São Paulo, Brazil

A residential real estate rental platform

Bangalore, India

Provides payment technology to online merchants

Austin, Tex.

An online platform for energy contractors to find work


Provides technology for businesses to increase sales

San Francisco

Provides a platform for data collection and management

New York

Creates software for data analysis and visualization

San Francisco

Provides flat-type apartments in cities

San Francisco

Provides artificial intelligence tools for physical stores

San Francisco

An online loan platform


A sharing platform that allows people to exchange items from time to time

New York

Online Wedding Registers and Wedding Planning Tools