Greedy readers make effective communicators, so if you want to improve the communication of your ideas, read on! If only it was so simple. One of the things that prevents us from reading is the slowness and hardness of reading. Would not it be easier to browse the pages easily? This set of quick reading can teach you how to do it for $ 19.

The award-winning 2019 Reading Kit includes 3 tools to help you read faster and more efficiently. The first tool is 7 Speed ​​Reading EX, which uses exercises to correct your bad reading habits. It offers a library of more than 20,000 eBooks, but you can also download articles, web pages, text files and PDF files to expand your library.

The second tool is Vocab1, which offers games to help you develop your vocabulary. Vocab1 provides a database of over 520 million words. You can choose predefined word lists or create your own list of words to practice. With Vocab1, you will develop your reading language, preparing you better for books with advanced vocabulary.

Finally, this set includes Spreeder CX, a tool that uses RSVP (fast visual presentation in series) to help you quickly read large amounts of text while maintaining understanding. All you have to do is upload a URL, a document or a pasted text, and Spreeder will prepare the rest for you. You can customize the font, speed, background color, etc., according to your needs.

Reading is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of educated people and you can refine it with this quick-reading kit, available in the Macworld store for $ 19, or 97% off.

Award-winning 2019 Reading Set: lifetime subscription – $ 19

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