Apple's flagship site in Melbourne faces a $ 40 million buyout offer

Our town, our spokesperson Brett de Hoedt and protesters on Sunday (7News Melbourne / Facebook)

Opponents of the plan to build an Apple store on Federation Square in Melbourne want to raise $ 40 million to outbid the technology company for the building it wants to use.

The flagship store was announced just before Christmas 2017 and requires the demolition of the existing Yarra building on the square.

However, the project met with constant opposition, mainly through the organized group "Our city, our place" created a year ago.

This group launched Sunday an ultimate offer to prevent Apple from accessing Federation Square through a massive crowdfunding campaign via Pozible.

At the time of writing, he had collected $ 187,000.

"The idea behind this bold plan is to raise enough money to buy back this building from Apple," said our spokesman for Our Place, Brett de Hoedt.

"The Victorian government has essentially sold it to Apple.

"It may be absurd that taxpayers must collect their own funds to buy back a building that they already own, but that's the game we're playing now.

"Even if we do not meet the target of $ 40 million, we point out the absurdity of raising funds to buy back a building that already belongs to us. It still highlights an unfair situation. "

Apple faces another challenge to access the site, with all of Federation Square currently considered for the Heritage List.

Several thousand public submissions have already been received regarding the application for heritage registration. Public hearings will also be scheduled and the final decision should not be made until April.

"Heritage is not just an old building," Hoedt said.

"Heritage refers to the significance of a building or place in the city.Federation Square, more than any other isolated place in the state, means more for more people more often than not." Another thing.

"Can we just keep this place for the people instead of selling technology?"