Apple announced that it would soon support access to veterans digital medical records via the Health app on iPhone. The development is part of a new agreement with the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

"We have great admiration for veterans and we are proud to bring to the veteran community such a solution as Health Records on iPhone," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. "It is truly an honor to contribute to improving the health care of American heroes."

Health Records Sharing allows you to conveniently and securely view your healthcare provider's official "vaccines, lab results, drugs, and vital data" at the same location on the iPhone. According to Apple, medical records are secured by encryption and accessible only with an access code, a tactile identifier or a face identifier (fingerprint or facial recognition).

Apple made this announcement today in a press release:

With Health Records on iPhone, veterans across the United States will be able to view medical information from participating institutions – including the VA account – organized in a single view, all in the Health app. Health record data includes allergies, conditions, vaccinations, laboratory results, medications, procedures, and vital data. They are displayed with other information in the Health app, such as Apple Watch data. This means that patients under AV will receive a single snapshot of their health profile when they want it quickly and privately.

The medical records on the iPhone will mark the first digital health record sharing project that the VA has accepted, according to the announcement, with 9 million eligible veterans to view digital health records on the iPhone.

Apple's Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch, who both work on health at Apple and Apple Watch, said:

"When patients have better access to their medical information, they have more productive conversations with their doctors," said Jeff Williams, Apple's COO. "By bringing iPhone health records to patients under AV, we hope veterans will benefit from improved health care that will improve their lives."

"Our goal is to empower people to better understand and improve their health by allowing them to easily and securely view their medical information from multiple providers in the same location," said Kevin Lynch, vice Apple Technology President. "We are excited to offer this feature to veterans of the United States."

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was in talks with the VA last fall in an effort to make digital medical records more accessible to veterans.

Digital medical records are accessible with permission through Apple's integrated health app on iPhone. Apple has begun to support the simple health record sharing feature with iOS 12. Health record sharing is already working with a large number of healthcare providers across the United States, in addition to the # 1 health record sharing feature. Virtual appliance. You can view the complete list of health service providers supporting health records in the Apple Health app here.

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