NEW DELHI: The parliamentary committee on information technology convened the head of the microblogging site Twitter on February 25, said Monday the chairman of the commission, Anurag Thakur.

Committee members took a serious note about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who did not appear before him on Monday. Representatives from the Indian office of Twitter went to the meeting venue, but they were not convened for panel deliberations, sources said.

The panel decided to call Twitter officials in a context of growing concern about protecting the privacy of citizens' data and the possibility that social media could be used to interfere in elections.

In anticipation of the elections in Lok Sabha, the government warned social media platforms about the measures to be taken if any attempt was made to influence the country's electoral process by undesirable means.

On Saturday, Twitter said in a statement that its CEO, Dorsey, could not attend Monday's meeting, "with a short notice of hearing."

The chairman of the committee and BJP MP Thakur said Monday that the president of Twitter and other representatives had been "summoned" to appear before the panel on February 25.

There was no immediate comment from Twitter.

The panel was to hear the views of representatives from the Ministry of Electronics and Computer and Twitter on the theme "Safeguarding citizens' rights on social media platforms / online".

Senior officials from the Ministry of Information and Technology were present at the meeting on Monday.

The meeting was postponed to Monday, giving the Twitter CEO and other senior officials more time to make themselves available, sources said last week.

On Monday, sources said the panel will meet on February 26. Heads of social media platforms such as Facebook could also be invited to appear before him on February 26, but a final call has not yet been launched, they added.

Faced with accusations of political bias in the country, Twitter said last week that she was committed to staying unbiased and that her product as well as her policies never rested on a political ideology.

The government is firmly convinced of the misuse of social media platforms and is also proposing to change the IT rules to combat false information and increase accountability for these applications.

In recent months, Facebook, Twitter and Google have promised to incorporate more transparency into their platform's political announcements and have since announced a series of measures as part of the integrity efforts. election.